Special Care Mask Bundle

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1 x Lip Cream 2.2g
1 x D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum SPF50+PA++++ 30g
1 x Essence Destiny 30g
1 x Moisturizing Mask 6p

Lip Cream 2.2g

Anti-oxidant and protective lipcare that hydrates, smoothens, and plumps to prevent dryness and dullness of lips.

D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum SPF50+PA++++ 30g

High Functional UV-shielding essence with the highest UV protection blocking the deepest rays. It provides hydration to your skin and keeps it protected with “D-UV Guard+” which blocks the longest wavelength of UVA1. The new “Stretch UV-Shield” formula coats the skin firmly and stretches/contracts according to facial movements, preventing cracks from forming on sunscreen applied to the skin. It is also perfect as a makeup primer, allowing your makeup to stay on for hours.

Essence Destiny 30g

Formulated with high concentrations of nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, highly-permeable Resveratrol, Royal Jelly, skin firming Elastin, and Collagen to effectively deliver anti-aging goodness deep into the skin. Use regularly to feel the bounce and suppleness of the skin. See your skin return with vigor and enjoy luminescent skin.

Moisturizing Mask 6p

Infused with a high concentration of ASTALIFT’s signature anti-aging ingredient, the moisturizing mask hydrates energizes, and firms skin. Best for preventing wrinkled, sagging, and tired skin. Suitable for all skin types.

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