Anti-Aging Night Solution Set

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  • Night Charge Cream 30g x 1
  • The Serum Multi Tune 40ml x 1 
  • Bright Lotion 130ml x 1
  • Night Charge Cream 30g 

Just the perfect night cream specially formulated with a fragrance of Damask Rose and Chamomile to soothe and calm frazzled nerves after a long day at work.

Works its magic at night as the skin sleeps, regenerating skin cells and sealing moisture within the skin at the same time. Leaving you with soft, bouncy, radiant skin in the morning after.

  • The Serum Multi Tune 40ml 

The Serum Multi Tune is a multi-functional beauty essence that achieves brightening, and firmness and reduces wrinkles.

Using FUJIFILM proprietary permeating liposome technology with Niacinamide active ingredient for achieving firming, whitening, and reducing wrinkles.

Proprietary permeating liposome technology:

The exclusive proprietary permeating liposome wraps the beauty essence into the liposome. Quickly penetrate the stratum corneum and release it into the dermis of the skin. "Permeating liposome" can prevent absorption when penetrating the stratum corneum. The beauty essence will be released until delivered to the dermis.

  • Bright Lotion 130ml 

Enhanced with active ingredients Nano AMA, Arbutin, and super antioxidant, Astaxanthin, it helps to prevent age-related skin damage. Containing 3 types of collagen to boost skin firmness and elasticity for softer and smoother skin.

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