Ultimate Glowing and Brightening Set

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Brightening Mask

This sheet mask with a unique dual-layer construction on the cheek area delivers a skin-nourishing blend of anti-aging and whitening ingredients deep into the skin’s area where it is most prone to age spots. Formulated with super anti-oxidant Astaxanthin, Arbutin and collagen, it also contains Peony extract with excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to prevent the development of new permanent age spots.

D-UV Clear White SolutionPA++++ 30g

They are formulated with D-UV Guard to provide an unprecedented high level of UV skin-damaging UVA rays, thereby preventing age spots and freckles. Doubles as beauty essence and makeup base to enhance radiance and help makeup look great all day long.Include a “UV Sensor Cap”, which changes its color when exposed to UV rays containing the “Deep UVA”, so that users can visibly check the presence of invisible UV rays.


White Jelly Aquarysta 40g

White Jelly Aquarysta focuses on whitening and moisturizing functions.

Inheriting the moisturizing feature of Jelly Aquarysta, White Jelly Aquarysta also boosts the skin's barrier function with the world's smallest 20nm "Human-type Nano Ceramide" in the dual approach of "Supplementing from the outside" and "Building from the inside". Ingredient "Uncaria gambir extract" boosts the delivery process to build high-quality ceramides which enhance elasticity for luminant and radiant skin.

For the whitening part, effective whitening ingredients such as Nano AMA+ are added. "Horse chestnut extract" helps remove melanin from the stratum corneum. "Bilberry leaf extract" helps keratinocytes evenly refract light and leads to luminance. 

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