White Jelly Aquarysta 60g x 10g

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1 x White Jelly Aquarysta 60g
2 x Jelly Aquarysta 5g

White Jelly Aquarysta, the ultimate skin brightening booster – an evolution from the iconic Aquarysta line. Packed with even more exclusive pioneering skin-rejuvenating technology and ingredients that boost your skin’s radiance & suppleness for a youthful, healthy look.

White Jelly Aquarysta focuses on whitening and moisturizing functions.

Inheriting the moisturizing feature of Jelly Aquarysta, White Jelly Aquarysta also boosts the skin's barrier function with the world's smallest 20nm "Human-type Nano Ceramide" in the dual approach of "Supplementing from the outside" and "Building from the inside". Ingredient "Uncaria gambir extract" boosts the delivery process to build high-quality ceramides which enhance elasticity for luminant and radiant skin.


For the whitening part, effective whitening ingredients such as Nano AMA+ are added. "Horse chestnut extract" helps remove melanin from the stratum corneum. "Bilberry leaf extract" helps keratinocytes evenly refract light and leads to luminance. 


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How to use?
Use on clean dry face after cleansing but before applying lotion/toner. Take adequate amount with spatula & spread evenly onto the face & neck area.
Key Benefits
Boosts skin moisture levels, strengthens skin’s defense mechanism and promotes translucent & radiant skin.
Key Ingredients
• Triple Human-Type Nano-Ceramides • Nano AMA+ • Nano Astaxanthin • Tri-Functional Collagen • Arbutin • Uncaria Gambir Ext • Horse Chestnut Ext • Bilberry Leaf Ext
Recommended for
All skin types with anti-ageing, dryness, sensitivity, dull complexion, uneven skin tone & pigmentation concerns.
What is this
Leave-on skin conditioner that strengthens skin defense, repairs barrier function, promotes skin clarity, brightens complexion & improves absorption of nutrients.