Wrinkle Repair Serum (Day)

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24 hours* wrinkles repair

Targeting skins around the eyes and mouth

Even in the busy morning, ASTALIFT The Serum can help to finish wrinkle repair in a fast way with Moisturizing and  UV protection at the same time.


FUJIFILM exclusive "Liposomes" technology for high penetrating wrinkles repair ingredients "Vitamin B6" and "Vitamin C Derivatives". All ingredients are focus to release in the problem area to enhance the effectiveness of wrinkles repair.










The points of ASTALIFT The Serum Wrinkle Repair Day Essence:

1. 1-second appliacation in the morning, easy to finish wrinkles repair skincare routine

Even in the busy morning, just 1-second to finish the wrinkle repair step. Easy to solve the wrinkle trouble and moisture the skin in day time.


2. SPF20PA++ UV protection function

Protect skin & collagen by blocking the UV


3. Exclusive Light Analyzing Technology

Containing powder that reflects light to brighten shadows of wrinkles

*Used The Serum Day & Night wrinkles repair.


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How to use?
Use in the morning after your moisturizer. Twist the stick to extend the serum slightly before applying to the face (especially around the eyes, forehead and the mouth) and neck areas with noticeable wrinkles and expression lines using gliding motions.
Key Benefits
Provides quick and easy application of serum which contains Bright Reflex light control technology to minimize shadows cast by wrinkles. This light hydrating texture provides maximum comfort throughout the day with broad spectrum UV protection.
Key Ingredients
Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C & Nano-Astaxanthin
Recommended for
Effective management of wrinkles and to minimize appearance of facial lines.
What is this
Moisturizing stick serum melts on the skin upon application to immediately charge your skin with moisture. The formula is free of stickiness and prevents makeup from creasing.