Wrinkle Repair Serum (Night)

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This ultra-rich intensive-acting serum provides overnight action to combatwrinkles while sealing moisture firmly within skin like a facial mask.
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How to use?
Use in the evening after your moisturizer. Apply an appropriate amount of the product to the face (especially around the eyes, forehead and the mouth) and neck areas with noticeable wrinkles and expression lines.
Key Benefits
Contains high concentration of skin nutrients. Protects & repairs skin of collagen & elastin damage. Special Sleeping Mask texture for overnight comfort. All night moisturization with intensive action on wrinkles.
Key Ingredients
Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Watercress Extract, Vitamin C & Nano-Astaxanthin
Recommended for
Effective management of wrinkles and to minimize appearance of facial lines.
What is this
Ultra-rich cream stays on the skin to coat your wrinkles all night. It blends gently to areas of thinned skin, e.g. around the eyes, to seal moisture firmly like a facial mask.