The Process

Step 1

Skin Prep
  • Skin Diagnostic Examination
  • Makeup Removal
  • Skin Analysis
  • Brow Trimming

Step 2

Skin Exfoliation
  • AMS (Aqua Micro-jet System) Technology

Step 3

Relaxing Massage
  • Relaxing Face Massage (face + neck + shoulder)

Step 4

Multi-Modal Therapy
  • Targeted Spot Lightening Treatment
  • Choice of a mini service (recommended by beauty therapist)

Step 5

Specialized Treatment
  • Specialized Mask
  • EMS + Technology
  • LED Therapy

Step 6

Finishing Touch
  • Rejuvenation Scalp Massage (scalp + neck + shoulder)
  • Customised Product Application

Suitable For:

  • Dull and uneven complexion
  • Freckles and sun-spots
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Discover skin’s crystal clear radiance

Refresh . Revitalize . Renew

Ideal for uneven skin tone, acne scars, freckles and hyperpigmented skin desiring visible skin brightening, spot lightening, enhanced radiance and a more even complexion. This multi-modal therapy combines the latest technology utilizing controlled light and heat energy to accelerate the decomposition of excessive melanin and stimulating cell renewal to achieve spot lightening results while promoting skin radiance safely and effectively in the comfort of your Specialized AMS Facial session.


This innovative light-based treatment promotes skin radiance while targeting dark spots. The combined use of Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) with Rapid Pulse Technology (RPT) accelerates the decomposition of excessive melanin, encourages desquamation and stimulates cell renewal, thus achieving spot lightening results while enhancing skin radiance safely, effectively and comfortably. Designed to work in synergy with ASTALIFT White series as daily homecare to lighten spots and brighten complexion, TSL delivers reliable results through proven science and innovative technology.


Before starting your treatment, have your skin condition accurately diagnosed with a digital analyzer before confirming it with a physical examination after your face has been bubble-cleansed. Experience deep pore cleansing and skin rejuvenation through the Synergistic use of Japanese nanotechnology with an advanced low-frequency Aqua Microjet System (AMS) that delivers powerful jets of fine mist and controlled suction to loosen clogs, cleanse pores, and exfoliate dull layers of dead skin to uncover a fresh healthy looking skin.

Receiving a relaxing face and shoulder massage to prep your skin for the Accelerated Skin Rejuvenation treatment where controlled light and heat energy penetrates deep within skin tissues to produce photo-thermal and photo-chemical effects, encouraging the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers. Your skin is kept comfortably cool and protected throughout by the hyper-cooled crystal tip of the handpiece

Get pampered with a complementary Mini-Service of your choice:

Relaxing Scalp Massage

Calming Cryotherapy

Pampering Eye Therapy

Enjoy your Specialized Mask with delivery of EMS + Technology which combines EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), EP (Electroporation), light RF (radio frequency) and LED therapy to achieve beneficial contouring effects with enhanced product penetration for safe, gentle, and effective natural collagen stimulation and rejuvenation of your skin.

End your facial with a final touch of scalp massage to calm your senses and re-energize your overworked body. Lastly your skin is kept protected with an application of selected Astalift skincare products to keep you looking fresh and energized.

Key Benefits


Nanotechnology Delivery

Complexion Brightening


Skin Smoothening

Spot Lightening

Collagen Boosting

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Targeted Spot Lightening (TSL) treatment feel?

The sensation you would experience during a TSL treatment will be much like that of the ASR and AEC treatments. What you can expect during the treatment is mostly the cold hyper-cooled tip contacting your skin with pulses of heat and light energy. Unique to the TSL treatment, emphasis will be placed on localized areas affected by hyper-pigmentation such as freckles, sun-spots and age-spots while unaffected parts of the face will also be treated to achieve a more even-looking and radiant complexion.

How many TSL treatments are required before visible results can be seen?

The response to facial treatments differs between individuals as the skin condition, concerns and settings are never the same. While generally you can expect firmer, more even-looking complexion and more radiant skin after 1 treatment of TSL, subsequent treatments would help enhance your results and improve your overall facial appearance. For more targeted skin problems like pigmentation, typically 4-6 treatments of TSL are required before visible improvements such as lightening of spots, reduction in melanin production and a more even-looking complexion can be experienced.

How often should I come for an TSL treatment?

That would depend very much on the response of your skin after each session. For spot lightening, the frequency of TSL treatments is dependent on the skin renewal cycle as well as the healing response of each customer. Hence, treatments are typically scheduled once every 3-4 weeks.

What Safe Measures are in place to protect customers during this Covid-19 pandemic?

Our stores are committed always to maintaining high standards in hygiene. Therefore, all Astalift stores have been awarded SG Clean certificates in recognition of our compliance to Safe Management Measures as well as our continual efforts to provide a safe environment for our customers. Additional safe measures are also in place to ensure all facial tools are sanitized with anti-bacterial agents, alcohol-disinfected and UV-sterilised before each use. Fresh clean towels, single-use facial wipes and disposable bed-sheet covers are provided mandatory for every facial customer.

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