White Clear Treatment

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Remove pollutant and dead cells for bright healthier skin. Contains Crown Sugar, NANO AMA+, super anti-oxidant ingredients "ASTAXANTHIN" and 3 types of collagen. Catches pollutant on the skin surface and block collagen darkening & melanin production at the same time.

After facial wash, apply essence onto WHITE COTTON PAD, then swipe on face and neck gently. It calms and soothes the skin and helps promote a clear, bright complexion without dullness.

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How to use?
For daily use or weekly maintenance if preferred. After cleansing face, pat dry the skin. Pump an appropriate amount onto a facial cotton pad and evenly spread over face & neck with gentle wiping action. Flip the cotton pad over on the clean side, take a bit more product and reapply over face & neck with light patting motion.
Key Benefits
Promotes cleaner and more refined pores, brighter and more even complexion. Prepares skin for enhanced absorption of skincare products.
Key Ingredients
• Nano-AMA+ • Tri-Functional Collagen • AHA
Recommended for
All skin types for the regular exfoliation of dead cells. Especially for pigmented, mature, sensitive, oily, congested and acne skin.
What is this
Wipe-off, non-abrasive, no-rinse exfoliator that is convenient, quick & effective to use.