Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg 3P

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Low molecular pure collagen 10,000mg from the inside of the body nurtures beauty. Clean with momentum, shining to every day. Small capacity of only 30mL in, compounding low-molecular-weight collagen "pure collagen" 10,000mg of high purity, originally developed, the cosmetic ingredients ornithine 400mg of the topics to be included in the freshwater clam. It delivers beauty in every corner of the body. In addition to vitamin C, cosmetic ingredients such as ceramide are a well-balanced blend, supporting total collagen care.


Three types of pure collagen: Water-soluble collagen can moisturize the skin surface; Permeable collagen enhances the elasticity of the skin; Pico-collagen penetrates deeply and restores the firming of the skin.



Contains low-molecular weight deep sea collagen (10000 mg) to fulfill human body needs. Achieves lifting, firming, and moisturizing results. Also, make fingernails harder and hair stronger and healthier.


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How to use?
"1 bottle / night before bedtime. Taste better when consumed chilled. Some water may be drunk after consuming the supplement if preferred."
Key Benefits
" Increases skin elasticity, firmness & moisture levels Maintains bones, joints, teeth health Minimizes wrinkles, promotes skin translucence"
Key Ingredients
"Per suggested serving (1 bottle) • Collagen – 10,000mg • Vitamin C – 250mg • Ornithine – 400mg • Rice extract (with ceramide)"
Recommended for
"Customers who prefer a sweet taste. Skin with visible aging concerns. Dry, wrinkled & saggy skin."
What is this
"Supplement with intensive Anti-Aging & Skin Beautifying benefits. Provides daily maximum amount of collagen required by the body conveniently in a bottle."