White Jelly Aquarysta
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Leave-on skin conditioner that strengthens skin defense, repairs barrier function, promotes skin clarity, brightens complexion & improves absorption of nutrients.





Use on clean dry face after cleansing but before applying lotion/toner. Take adequate amount with spatula & spread evenly onto the face & neck area.

Recommended Amount to Use:

1cm diameter

38 reviews for White Jelly Aquarysta
40g | 60g | Refill

  1. Jeanette

    I love the Astalift White Jelly Acquarysta, as it is has so many effects in one application. I could see the difference immediately the next day – skin looks more supple and brighter. It is easily absorbed into the skin and is not sticky. With Fuji film’s research behind it, it is a worthwhile investment in order to slow down skin-aging and look younger!

  2. Neerja Gupta

    I love this new white jelly.Easily absorbs in the skin
    My skin looks brighter, not dry any more, moisture retention has become better. Heading to the store next week to buy.

  3. Ting

    I have been using the original Aquarysta for a few months and love how it moisturises and soothes dry skin. I can feel the difference especially after laser treatments when the skin gets dry and sensitive for a few days. This latest White Jelly Aquarysta seems to provide the same benefits as the original Aquarysta but with an additional brightening component. It has a stronger floral scent and gets absorbed by the skin at a faster rate. It layers on well beneath other serums, moisturisers and sunblock as it’s non-sticky and ‘melts’ into the skin. I love how my skin is brighter and appear more ‘plumped up’ after using the product day and night for a week. Definitely a staple in any skincare regime.

  4. tan mc

    White Jelly Aquarysta is easily absorbed into my skin, making my skin feel refreshed and plumped up, ready for more skin care products. Great product!

  5. Ping

    Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is a booster / pre-serum that could maximize the absorption of our skin care products. The good news is, it’s suitable to be combined with any other skin care brand

    After using the sample i could see my skin has improved and glowy. It’s really good for my dehydrated skin and a good anti aging routines.

  6. Alice

    Love the jelly texture and the light refreshing yet moisturising feel that pamper and nourish the skin for long hours. Happy on the option of white jelly and appreciate the special sample kit so we can try out the product first, Thanks Astalift!

  7. Soo chee

    I love the texture of the White Jelly and how fresh my face feels immediately after application. Fine lines disappear and my face skin feels soft and refreshed!

  8. Constance

    The texture is super light and the jelly is absorbed into the skin almost instantaneously. I love the rose fragrance that is so alluring. My skin seem more radiant after applying. Definitely a highly recommended product!

  9. Min

    Been using the red jelly for years and now with the white version on board. Noticed visible results after using it for 2 weeks, skin feels much hydrated and brighter. My make up does not feels cakey and last longer through the day.

  10. Kimberly

    I started using the sample kit and noticed a difference in my skin. It seemed more plump and glowy.

    The Aquacrysta is their star product which you apply directly AFTER cleansing, followed by toner, essence and a moisturiser to seal in all the goodness. This product is apparently engineered with nanotechnology resulting in really small particles allowing one key ingredient, collagen, to penetrate straight to the bottom of the skin for immediate results.

    I am so into this jelly ♥️♥️.great product to maintain a glowy skin

  11. loh

    I love it to the first trial and will head to the store to get it next week! Thank you Astalift!

  12. YH

    I have been using the original Jelly AQUARYSTA for years and obviously it is a very good product. So imagine my excitement when I found out about the new Jelly with whitening effects! This jelly seems to be smoother, and easier to blend as compared to the original red Jelly. No doubt, it brightens up my complexion after a few uses. I prefer the red Jelly’s scent though. I am also using some other whitening products from Astalift and friends have commented that I look fairer. So with this new Jelly, I might be able to strengthen my whitening regime or perhaps use one whitening item less in future.

  13. D

    I was already a fan of the original Aquarysta, but this new version blew me away with how much faster it absorbed (not that the original didn’t absorb well). I only really noticed the difference when I used the white version for 2 weeks and then went back to the original. Think I’ll be sticking with this one from now on

  14. Anna mercier Rene

    I love the texture of these products especially the jelly serum. I find the texture very interesting and it’s easy to use, and absorb fast into my skin. I can see some results just from the samples and I’m keen to get the actual product to use. I especially love the collagen that has whitening effect. It doesn’t taste too sweet. I enjoy my experience.

  15. Chery Sim

    White Jelly Aquarysta’s had a pleasant scent . Although it’s bright red jelly like texture seemed mushy when scooping out , but it was really easy to apply & it glide on smoothly during application . Absorption was fast . Just using it for a few days , I had already seen a difference in my complexion . It is much more radiant , clearer & brighter now . A product that fabulously works !

  16. C L

    ❤ Loving it. Everything from the sample pack especially for the White Jelly Aquarysta and the collagen drink. When applied, texture feel light and soft on the face and extremely hydrating.

  17. Steph

    Received sample pack which contains a full sized 50ml collagen drink, 5g White Jelly Aquarysta, 5g D-UV clear White Solution, and sachets of Essence Infilt, Clear Treatment & Emulsion. Love the collagen drink which full of fruit aroma and it really boost energy level. The white jelly improves moisture of skin and I no more feel irritating in air con environment, the next day had a radiant skin.

  18. Mary

    Astalift products are always good quality from Japan. This new product is good. The texture is not oily and complexion is brighter after a few days use.

  19. JF

    Have been a Red Jelly user for many years. After trying the White Jelly, found that it is equally good. In fact, I prefer the scent of the White Jelly more. Can feel my skin is more supple and looks brighter after a week of usage. Anticipating more surprises on my skin improvement!

  20. GL Lim

    Been impressed with Astalift Jelly since a long time ago because of their technology and science behind it. Love how exclusive and generous Astalift is with their sample kits. Their Astalift White kit contains a full sized 50ml collagen drink, 5g White Jelly Aquarysta, 5g D-UV clear White Solution, and sachets of Essence Infilt, Clear Treatment & Emulsion. Their collagen drink is yummy fruity as usual and the texture of the products is very comfortable and rapidly absorbed into my skin… i can see visible results the next morning! Complexion is brighter, lines are less obvious and my face feels firmer. Impressive! Thank you Astalift for the new White range to help me in my skincare journey to achieve brighter and luminous skin!

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