D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++
| 30g

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  • Containing “UV Action Capsule” with beauty essence: Nano Astaxanthin, Nano AMA+, three types of collagen, Vitamin C, Alteromonas ferment extracts and Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract.
  • UV Sensory Cap which changes its color when exposed to UV rays
  • Containing the “Light Analyzing Powder” manipulates light to brighten the skin tone naturally. it can be used as makeup base
  • Gentle and smooth texture
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High Functional UV-Shielding essence with the highest UV protection in the ASTALIFT brand. Containing a newly-developed UV protection complex “D-UV Guard+” that even blocks the longest wavelength of UVA1. The new “Stretch UV-Shield” formula coats the skin firmly and stretches / contracts according to facial movements, preventing cracks from forming on sunscreen applied to the skin and blocking UV penetration.

Key ingredients

Astaxanthin, 3 types of collagen, Nano AMA, Citrus extract, UV action capsule



1. Take an appropriate amount and gently spread to the whole face.
2. Smoothen with your fingers.
3. Put a little more on parts that need extra care.

15 reviews for D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++
| 30g

  1. Pax

    My wife are very impressed with the product. It is not greasy and provide good coverage.

  2. HNL

    My face don’t feel heavy and oily after applying
    I can stay constantly protected from the harmful UV rays
    I love this product!

  3. Sue

    Love the light-weight texture, without leaving a dreaded white cast on the face.

  4. AY

    Great product. It works perfectly.
    Bought for my wife and I use it myself too.
    Both of us love it a lot.
    It is not sticky or wet.
    Highly recommended.

  5. Sharon

    Have not used other sunscreens after I tried this one. Just love the smooth and light texture, not sticky and long lasting.

  6. Wing

    Love this sunscreen. This is super affordable but pretty good at the same time.
    The texture is not too heavy and. There is no conflicts with my makeup and it doesn’t clogges my pores at all.

  7. CHUA LY

    Fall in love with this ASTALIFT UV. It’s light in texture, easy absorption, works well under makeup and doesn’t leave my face feeling greasy. Most important it provides good coverage against harmful UV rays. Will recommend !!

  8. Jess

    The Sunscreen i like the most….the texture is super nice, my skin won’t feel sticky after applied it.
    its coverage is super strong, i used it as my make up primer as well. Highly recommended!!!

  9. kelvin aw

    Astalift UV protection cream. is very gentle , its absorb quickly and do not leave a oily feeling after apply, Best UV protection cream for my family . love by my mother , wife and daughter

  10. Vivien

    I had try a lot of UV protection cream. Most of it are very oily. Astalift this UV product is very gentle and smooth, not oily, And it made my skin more brighten and whiten.

  11. Celine Nguyen

    have been tried so many Sun cream products, but this one i still prefer the most, love the texture, it is very easily to absorb to skin , make my skin look fresh and brighter event without applying whitening power.

  12. valenslau

    Loving the texture and the high SPF coverage. My go to sunscreen especially when it goes well with my foundation, making my look skin brighter and fresher!

  13. AliceLSP

    The texture is very good, my face don’t feel oily at all compare with other brand I used. Love it so much.

  14. JoyF

    My all time favorite sunscreen that I cannot do without. Texture is light yet coverage is strong. Most recommended!

  15. Agnes Chan

    It is not just SPF cream, it is also foundation cream to me.
    One stone kill two birds.
    My face look radiant after applying it.

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