Men Premium Starter Kit

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1x Face Wash 25g

1x Jelly 14g

1x Lotion 30mL

1x Emulsion 20ml

2 x DUV Aqua Serum 5g (FOC)

The travel kit consists of a mini-size series of four items. The volume is about 2 weeks use *14.

Suitable for males of all skin types especially recommended for those looking for easy-to-use flexible skincare to achieve a clear, blemish-free, and healthy-looking complexion. 

MEN Moist Clear Wash is scented with the elegant sweetness of citrus green for a clean and refreshed feel. Ideal for daily use as a refreshing facial cleanser and for a smoother and closer shave. 

MEN Jelly Aquarysta contains Triple Human-Type Nano-Ceramides to boost & lock in moisture while strengthening skin defense. Uniquely formulated skin conditioning serum helps optimize the skin's absorption of nutrients and is ideal as an after-shave calming jelly.

MEN Moist Lotion contains super anti-oxidant Nano-Astaxanthin to improve skin firmness and delay signs of aging. Recommended for use daily as an after-shave lotion as well as an energizing tonic for your face and neck area. 

MEN Emulsion contains glycyrrhizinate 2k for moisturizing properties to address shaved and sunburnt skin and blackberry lily extract to control shine. Excellent moisturizing properties with a comfortable texture and light finish.

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Travel kit consists of a mini-size series of four items and an original porch. The volume is about 2 weeks use *14.