Mask and Makeup Bundle

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With light Analyzing Powder, this concealer controls light absorption and reflection to brighten your skin tone. High coverage, long wearing and perfect for hiding those imperfections and under eye circles.

1 x Moist Mask 6p

Infused with a high concentration of ASTALIFT’s signature anti-ageing ingredient, the moisturizing mask hydrates energizes and firms skin. Best for preventing wrinkled, sagging and tired skin. Suitable for all skin types.

BB Cream (Light Beige)

The Astalift BB Cream is a multi-function product that delivers base makeup function as well as skincare benefits. Its Water-In-Oil formula makes it possible to increase the proportion of aqueous ingredients to as much as 60%, as if beauty ingredients are bursting out as you spread the cream over your skin. The use of FUJIFILM’s proprietary beauty ingredients, Human-type Nano Ceramide and Nano Astaxanthin, delivers hydration and firmness to the skin, while achieving excellent moisture retention. The product also features the FUJIFILM’s proprietary D-UV Guard UV blocker capable of protecting the skin from longest wavelength of UVA, and the Light Analyzing Powder, which controls light absorption and reflection to brighten your skin tone. The BB Cream is available in two colors, i.e. NB Natural Beige for naturally covering skin concerns such as dark spots and uneven skin tones, and LB Light Beige for brightening the appearance of your skin tone.


Day Serum 5g

This moisturizing stick serum, containing abundant moisture, melts on the skinupon application to immediately charge your skin with moisture. The velvety-smooth texture is specially formulated to prevent makeup from creasing.

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