Lunamer AC Fiber Foam

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This gentle foam facial wash contains extremely fine fibres that penetrate deep into pores to remove sebum, dirt and acne- causing bacteria. It produces a rich lather for a gentle, through cleanse and a clean, smooth finish. Key Ingredients: Artichoke Leaf Extract,Bilberry Leaf Extract,Iris Domestica Extract,Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate
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How to use?
Method 1 (Regular Cleansing): Wet face and hands. Dispense 1cm of product (or as required) and lather onto face & neck. Rinse-off with water. Method 2 (Luxury Foam Cleaning): Wet foam-producing net by soaking with water, then squeezing out excess water. Dispense approximately 1cm of product (or as required) onto foam-producing net before producing a good quantity of foam by rigorously rubbing the netting between palms. Collect the foam with your palms before spreading evenly onto whole face & neck. Rinse-off with water. Method 3 (Rinse-Off Treatment Mask): Spread product over affected area as a mask & leave on for about 3 minutes. Emulsify mask by gently rubbing with wet fingers until a soft lather is produced. Rinse-off with water.
Key Benefits
Deep cleanses skin of impurities & excessive sebum while thoroughly removing accumulated dead cells to prevent clogs.
Key Ingredients
• Acne Shooter (Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, Tocopheryl Acetate) • Fermented Pear Juice • Blackberry Lily Root Ext. • Bilberry Leaf Ext. • Artichoke Leaf Ext.
Recommended for
Management of oily, acne–prone & congested skin.
What is this
Innovative foam cleanser provides 3 ways of use: Regular Cleansing, Luxury Foam Cleansing or Rinse-Off Treatment Mask.