Unveil Your Skin's Radiance



Enriched with a cocktail of glow-inducing ingredients
that rejuvenate and moisturize, to leave your skin
radiant and bouncy to the touch.

*via hydration at stratum corneum SHOP NOW

Unveil Your Best Skin Ever

White Jelly Aquarysta - an evolution from the iconic
Aquarysta line.

Packed with even more exclusive pioneering skin
rejuvenating technology and ingredients that boost your
skin's radiance & suppleness for
youthful, healthy look.

Uncaria Gambir Extract

Natural-origin antioxidant that tightens
skins, unclogs pores, remove excess oil,
reduces acne and builds ceramides from

Nano AMA+

Controls melanin production and inhibits
collagen discoloration to prevent dulling of

3 Types of Collagen

Supplements moisture to encourage
collagen production, creating firm skin filled
with moisture.


Fades sun spots, age spots, acne scars, while
brightening your skin.

Packed With Our Exclusive Ingredients

Nano-sized particles that melt right into your skin for deeper absorption.

Nano Astaxanthin

Super-antioxidant from microalgae with 6000
times more potency than Vitamin C.

Double Human-type Nano-cereamides

Smallest ceramide molecule that penetrates deep into skin to replenish ceramides and lock moisture.

A Soft Scent That Whispers

Laced with a delicate nlend of Damask Rose and Green Floral extracts for a sensual, soft and subtly sweet scent.

Glides Like Silk

Water-rich jelly texture perfect for the skin to drink up

Remodels Itself As It
Reveals Your Radiance

Restores its own apperance after every use

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Frequently Asked Questions

White Jelly functions as a skin moisture booster and conditioner that helps to strengthen your skin's natural defense against environmental factors such as pollution, dryness and UV exposure. It works by repairing skin's outer layer protection and promoting bright and even skin tone while enhancing its capacity to absorb and retain moisture.

White Jelly is recommended for daily use on pat-dried skin immediately after cleansing before application of lotion in the mornings and at night. Use the spatula provided to take an appropriate amount of product for your face and neck area. Spread product evenly on skin using fingers then gently pressed in using palms to allow the nano-sized active ingredients to be absorbed optimally.

Both are highly effective in boosting skin moisture levels and strengthening skin's defense mechanism with the powerful combination of double human-type Nano-Ceramides and 3 types of collagen unique to Astalift. Additionally, White Jelly Aquarysta also promotes skin clarity and brightening effects with its potent formulation of active ingredients containing Nano AMA+, Arbutin, Horse Chestnut extract and Bilberry Leaf extract.

The characteristic reddish-tone found in Astalift skincare is derived from its key active ingredient, Astaxanthin which is a marine botanical extract of micro-algae. Studies have shown that Astaxanthin which is naturally-coloured red, provides remarkable anti-oxidation protection and anti-ageing properties for the skin.

No, White Jelly Aquarysta is formulated with Fujifilm's proprietary Nano AMA+ that works effectively to restore skin's natural translucence and brilliance. Unlike typical acids or skin lightening agents that typically feels stimulating for the skin, White Jelly is suitable for daily use on all skin types and gentle even on sensitive skin as it contains only carefully selected botanical-based extracts to achieve spot lightening and brightening effects.