ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg boosts firmer, more elastic and moisturized skin.

Three powerful key ingredients - Ornithine, Vitamin C and Ceramide work in synergy to deliver healthy and beautiful skin, nails and hair.

The value of Astralift

Age Freezing
  • Increases skin firnness & elesticity
  • Maintains lives health
  • Diminshes wnnkles
  • Promotes skin clanty & radiance
  • Boosts skin moisture levels
  • Strengthens skin defense
  • Promotes healthy hair & nails

best before bedtime


You can choose have a it chilled or at room temperture

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More about Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg

Frequently Asked Questions

With tilapia fish scales as the source of collagen, ASTALIFT uses a unique first-extraction method to obtain high-purity and concentrated collagen to achieve the best quality collagen in terms of taste and efficacy. In addition, the collagen used is in the form of collagen peptides, which has a low molecular weight for optimal absorption by the body.

When we ingest collagen in the form of supplements, our body digests it into amino acids, which is then redistributed all over our boy (including joints, organs, nails, hair and skin) before they are rebuilt into collagen again. These collagen supports not only our beauty but also more importantly overall health. Taking ASTALIFT Collagen supplements sends our body the signal to make more collagen.

ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg contains Ornithine, a special naturally occurring protein found in freshwater clams to support the synthesis of collagen and enhance the skin's youthful appearance. Vitamin C and ceramide are also added for skin brightening, firming and moisturising properties.

ASTALIFT Supplements may be taken effectively together if recommended dosages are not exceeded. Generally the consumption of 1 bottle of ASTALIFT Whiteshield Drink in the morning and 1 bottle of ASTALIFT Pure Collagen Drink 10000 in the night is recommended. Frequency of consumption may also be reduced in accordance to your body’s needs as preferred.