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2 x Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg FOC 1 x Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg

2 x Pure Collagen Powder 5,000mg FOC 1 x Pure Collagen Powder 5,000mg

2 x White Shield Drink FOC 1 x White Shield Drink 

2 x White Shield Supplement FOC 2 x White Shield Supplement 

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Supplements Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Supplements Buy 2 Get 1 Free

In stock



    Pure Collagen Powder 5,000mg 

    It was developed with its technology, 5,000mg concentrated blended "low molecular pure collagen" of high purity. The impurities contained in the raw material were removed 80%, using only the first rare collagen extracted. Collagen was extracted take time at a low temperature so that it does not deteriorate, and became easier to drink and tasteless—convenient stick type to carry.


    Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg

    Low molecular pure collagen 10,000mg from the inside of the body nurtures beauty. Clean with momentum, shining every day. Small capacity of only 30mL in, compounding low-molecular-weight collagen "pure collagen" 10,000mg of high purity, originally developed, the cosmetic ingredients ornithine 400mg of the topics to be included in the freshwater clam. It delivers beauty in every corner of the body. In addition to vitamin C, cosmetic ingredients such as ceramide are a well-balanced blend and support total collagen care.


    White Shield Drink 

    Prevent early signs of aging dull, pigmented & sun-damaged skin. Improve overall skin radiant and suppleness. Brightening and lightening of skin pigmentation. 
    Benefits :
    • Protect cells from UV damage & free radicals.
    • Strengthens skin's barrier function.
    • Promotes skin healing and hydration.
    • Relieves constipation Whitens brightens & evens out skin complexion

    White Shield Supplement

    White Shield Supplement Tablet in a soft-gel formula provides 6mg of antioxidant astaxanthin for your daily protection against UV radiation. Also formulated with tomato lycopene, safflower oil, collagen peptide, red wine polyphenol, β-carotene and multi-vitamins (C and E) to promote great skin and health. Recommended to take 2 tablets with water daily. Key ingredients: Astaxanthin – 6mg , Vitamin C 30mg, Vitamin E 3mg,Safflower oil, Collagen Peptide, Red Wine Polyphenol & Tomato Lycopene, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) & Beta-Carotene

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