White Jelly Aquarysta
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Leave-on skin conditioner that strengthens skin defense, repairs barrier function, promotes skin clarity, brightens complexion & improves absorption of nutrients.





Use on clean dry face after cleansing but before applying lotion/toner. Take adequate amount with spatula & spread evenly onto the face & neck area.

Recommended Amount to Use:

1cm diameter

38 reviews for White Jelly Aquarysta
40g | 60g | Refill

  1. Rebecca

    I decided to give the Astalift White Jelly Aquarysta a try after reading about how it can help to lighten freckles and spots and I certainly was not disappointed! The texture was great and I love the scent which was not too overpowering. After regular use, I could see my skin condition improve and became clearer. I will definitely recommend this to people who want to want better and healthier skin.

  2. Chris

    I was to lucky to be able to try the Astalift White Jelly Aquarysta! I love the texture of the product as it easily absorbed into my skin, and keeps it hydrated for many hours. It also brightens my skin and makes it look visibly clearer after one week!

  3. Janet Tan

    This new White Jelly Aquarysta is as good as the original Jelly Aquarysta. I feel that it is more moisturising and gives the skin more glow and brightens up the face. It helps in lightening the pigmentation spots after a few uses. Thank you for the sample to let us experience this new product.

  4. Sho

    I tried the product for the first time and I love the texture and how it helps to improve firmness, moisture levels and radiance. I feel my skin condition has improved.

  5. Chris

    I tried the white jelly and I am impressed with how my skin feels much more hydrated and brighter after use. Great scent too!

  6. Chua SY

    First time trying the white jelly and it absorbs quickly into my skin. My skin feels more hydrated and brighter after use.

  7. Sherilyn

    Great product, allows skin to absorb the benefits of other products applied to the face better. Love the jelly texture and like how it flattens out again like a new product the next use.

  8. Annie Wu

    I love this White Jelly Aquarysta because it can quickly get absorbed into my skin and after using for some time, my skin looks younger, lesser wrinkles and more hydrated than before!

  9. Jennifer Teo sue pei

    I Love The Texture and Feel of the product

    Makes it feel Exclusive

  10. Jan

    Skin feel more supple and brighter after using. Great product to recommend to others.

  11. Pua Sock Ping Annette

    I always feel like I am opening a new bottle each day as the special jelly texture will reform back to the flat surface after every use. Really love the jelly texture which is not sticky or tacky and melts instantly when apply onto the skin. I enjoy the lovely sweet scent of the rose, feels like aromatherapy each time I apply the jelly on my skin, soothes my mind and reduces stress. The spatula that comes with it is awesome as it prevents any possible contamination to the product. Skin feels supple and plump, deeply hydrated after using the jelly on my dry and tired skin. Love the dewy glow on my skin on days when I go without make up. I felt that my skin becomes radiant and more even toned after 2 weeks. My skin is strengthen as redness on my skin reduces as compared to before with lesser irritations. One word: Impressive!

  12. Claudine Kan

    Have try the white Jelly Aquarysta after getting the sample. I like the texture as skin feel hhdrated and smooth after using for 1 week. Maintain anti-aging for skin. Has become part of my skincare routine.

  13. Jacey

    I love how it moisturises and soothes my skin. My skin seems brighter after using & I love the scent! It absorbs well into the skin & doesn’t feel sticky.

  14. Fummitoshi

    I am really impressed with the results after using white jelly. It’s easily absorbed and has a very pleasant smell! Awesome product!

  15. Ng Ling Li

    I like Astalift white ranges of products as it help to lighten my freckles and spots. I took the Astalift white drink in the morning after breakfast and apply the clear treatment, emulsion, essence jelly aquarysta and followed by sunscreen.I can feel the texture is light and non-stick. It is easily absorbed into my skin, moisturise and keep my skin hydrated, fairer and radiant.

  16. Chua Choe Tee

    This is the first time I tried white jelly aquarysta. Quite impressed with the result. It brightens my skin and also my skin looks more hydrated.

  17. Glitter fish

    Get the samples from Astalift Singapore, me and my cousin all love it! Both of us love to have fair skin even after out door activities. The white jelly which function as a balanced essence can help in hydrate and whitening and replenish collagen, ideal for active ladies.

  18. valenslau

    I have always been a fan of their red jelly and this is my first time trying out the white jelly. The white jelly doesn’t fail to impress me! It is absorb easily into my dry skin, and my skin look much more healthier after using for weeks. Loving the glowing effects after each use.

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