WH Supplements + WH Drink
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1 x Supplement Whiteshield 60 Tablets x 2
1 x Astalift Drink Whiteshield 50ml x 10 btls x 2

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Astalift Drink Whiteshield 50ml x 10 btls

White Shield Drink contains 4mg of anti-oxidant nano-astaxanthin which protects the skin from harmful UV rays and 1,200mg of Vitamin C that restores skin’s clarity. Tasty peach-lemon flavored beauty drink that is free from preservatives, artificial colouring and sugar. This low calorie formula also contains 1000mg of low-molecular pure collagen produced from a unique 1st extraction process that enables optimum absorption to effectively promote firmer, brighter and fairer skin.

Key Ingredients

High Purity Low Molecular Pure Collagen 1,000mg,Vitamin C 1,200mg

Supplement Whiteshield 60 Tablets

White Shield Supplement Tablet in a soft-gel formula provides 6mg of antioxidant astaxanthin for your daily protection against UV radiation. Also formulated with tomato lycopene, safflower oil, collagen peptide, red wine polyphenol, β-carotene and multi-vitamins (C and E) to promote great skin and health. Recommended to take 2 tablets with water daily.

Key ingredients

Astaxanthin – 6mg ,Vitamin C 30mg,Vitamin E 3mg,Safflower oil, Collagen Peptide, Red Wine Polyphenol & Tomato Lycopene, Vitamin B3 (Niacin) & Beta-Carotene



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Bundle of 2”

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