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  • Pure Collagen Drink
  • Pure Collagen Powder
  • WhiteShield Drink
  • Whiteshield Supplement 60 Tablets




Pure Collagen Drink


  • Our Top Selling Collagen supplement in Japan & Singapore!
  • Rare 1st Extraction High-Purity Collagen grade.
  • Experience anti-ageing results in your skin, hair & nails!


Pure Collagen Powder

Impressive collagen quality witnessed on Ladies’ First Season 4! – Click here to watch the video.

  • Consecutive Watsons’ HWB Award Winning Collagen Supplement since 2017
  • Digested in minutes, starts working within an hour. Unique formula effective even when dissolved in cold or hot drinks!


WhiteShield Drink


  • Fujifilm’s famous Anti-Oxidation Technology now available in a drink!
  • Delicious formula that Brightens Complexion & Lightens Spots.
  • Effective Internal UV protection against harmful rays from the sun!


Whiteshield Supplement 60 Tablets


      • Improves & maintains general health & well-being
      • Boosts immune system
      • Maintains cardiovascular (heart / blood circulation) health
      • Improves skin, hair & nails condition
      • Promotes fairer, clearer & more radiant complexion

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