Jelly Aquarysta T
40g | 60g | Refill

(429 customer reviews)


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  • Unique anti-ageing skincare product
  • Deeply penetrates the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydration and mitigate skin ageing effects
  • Visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and other signs of damaged skin
  • Exquisite moisture retention with Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene and Collagen content


Jelly Aquarysta is Astalift’s number one best seller. This unique anti-aging skincare product composes of an effective mix of collagen and moisturiser. Delivering a light texture facial treatment that ensures fast absorption resulting in glowing skin.

Key Ingredients

Human-type nano-Ceramide, Nano-Astaxanthin, Nano-Lycopene, Collagen, Highly-permeable Resveratrol


  1. After cleansing, apply a pea size amount of product
  2. Across your face and neck

429 reviews for Jelly Aquarysta T
40g | 60g | Refill

  1. Maddy

    Not sticky or oily. Love it

  2. Sandra

    Love the smell and how hydrating it is! Product can be absorbed into skin really fast as well which feels good!

  3. Lo Kang Foon

    First time use Astalift products. It is smooth, easy to absorb and hydrating. Felt smooth and nice smell, good product. Thank you for the samples provided. Must try!

  4. Hazel Ng

    Nice smell and unique flavour. I like the texture, it’s jelly-like, easily absorbed into the skin.

  5. NPT

    My skin feels great and moisture every morning after using. I have tried using day time as well and my skin doesn’t feel oily throughout the day. I like it that the texture won’t feel oily after applying and my skin absorb the jelly like it craved for it.

  6. Lim Meng Choo

    My skin feels suppleafter using . The jelly is unlike some moisturizer, that will feel oily after use, hence u likely to cause milea seeds:)

  7. Lim Meng Choo

    My skin feels s hydrated after using . The jelly is unlike some moisturizer, that will feel oily after use. The texture is light and is absorbed into the skin almost instantly:)

  8. Siong Min

    I like how it is moisturising and the texture is light and not sticky! A bit of it goes a long way:)

  9. Peter T

    Very good. Love it so much. Made my skin feels very refresh. Good for everyday use.

  10. Sharon

    The scent is so relaxing. Non stickly feeling. Good for everyday use

  11. Josephine tan

    Love the smooth texture. Provide all day hydration

  12. Cynthia

    Its an amazing product

  13. Cynthia

    Its an amazing product. Absorb quickly and not heavy

  14. Susan Yan

    Have been using Aqua jelly for many years. Poven good and many people I met commented that I still look the same as before though I am 60.

  15. TOH YI JUN

    Love the smell and texture! Very fast absorbing and with only the trial set, my pores are significantly smaller!

  16. Philip Tan

    Been using Aqua jelly for almost a month. Great product that hydrates my skin well and dries quickly.

  17. Tay Hui Yuh

    Tried it for afew days only and I LOVE IT! Melts into skin super quick and hydrates well. Helps other products absorb into skin better also.

  18. Mui Kiang

    Used it once and I am hooked! Great skin care technology suitable for Asian skin.

  19. Ping Hui

    It is not oily at all and does not clog my pores. Makes my skin smoother and more hydrated.

  20. Yujun

    Easy application and fast results <3

  21. Tan MM

    Feels very light on the skin. I use it everyday but it does not cause breakouts.

  22. D

    Very hydrating, a little goes a long way!

  23. Jasmine

    Melts into the skin, leaving no greasy feeling.

  24. QiZhong

    Locks in moisture like a miracle worker

  25. Eddrick

    Comfortable to use and hydrating

  26. Sziyi

    I can feel my skin becoming more plump and vibrant, even after 2 weeks of usage. Very hydrating and effective against acne. Will definitely look into purchasing more!

  27. Gina Chu

    Astalift Aqua Jelly is soft like jelly, it is not sticky even it feels like jelly, it is not oily and quite easy to apply, I like it so much!!! Must try!!!!

  28. Chew Ee

    First time use Astalift products. It is smooth and easy absorb. Will continue to use.

  29. Tiu Soo Ing

    ❤️ jelly AQUARYSTA. It hydrate my skin & feels smooth, nice smell too. Highly recommended.

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