Jelly Aquarysta T
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  • Unique anti-ageing skincare product
  • Deeply penetrates the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydration and mitigate skin ageing effects
  • Visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and other signs of damaged skin
  • Exquisite moisture retention with Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene and Collagen content


Jelly Aquarysta is Astalift’s number one best seller. This unique anti-aging skincare product composes of an effective mix of collagen and moisturiser. Delivering a light texture facial treatment that ensures fast absorption resulting in glowing skin.

Key Ingredients

Human-type nano-Ceramide, Nano-Astaxanthin, Nano-Lycopene, Collagen, Highly-permeable Resveratrol


  1. After cleansing, apply a pea size amount of product
  2. Across your face and neck

429 reviews for Jelly Aquarysta T
40g | 60g | Refill

  1. Jen

    Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is Truly So Uplifting & Energising !

    Makes my skin feel superbly smooth soft and radiant

  2. Telvina Tan

    After using Astalift, my skin feels brighter and smoother, plumper and firmer. Jelly is like agar agar, absorbs well into my skin with no stickiness feel. Amazing!

  3. Melissa

    Wonderful product! Fast absorbing with no sticky feeling, skin feels soft and supple after use. Would recommend!

  4. Crystal

    First time trying out this brand i love the smell of the jelly after apply totally in love with it it makes my skin like baby skin. Will continue this brand as my basic skin care routine.

  5. TS

    This product works wonder. Dryness of my skin disappeared after applying this. And it seems to reduce wrinkles. Ceramide in this jelly is absorbed into skin very quickly. I cannot live without this jelly any more.

  6. Chloe

    Jelly Aquarysta works wonder on my tired face. I applied it at night and I can see a brighten-up face the next morning. Since then I applied it just that for my night therapy.

  7. xi

    skin redness reduce and feel more hydrating. will definiately buy again.

  8. S C Tan

    This jelly not only aids in absorbing skincare products better, but also helps make-up stay smooth and last longer. The skin feels firm and radiant, and foundation looks beautiful on photos after using.

  9. SL

    I have used Jelly Aquarysta since Covid-19 circuit breaker started in March 2021. It’s very effective in improving my skin moisture and firmness. My face complexion is clearer, lines less visible and skin colour is well balanced. Recently I went for my facial and my beautician said that my face is sharper, much more lifted and colour of my complexion is even. Love this product.

  10. Angie Lee

    Amazing product, the sweet fragrance is very relaxing and makes me feel more feminine! The gel absorbs instantly and upon waking up the next morning, the skin is so smooth, bouncy and hydrated. My makeup glides on easily and stays because the oil-water balance is restored. When taking pics, can really see the glow, radiance and firmness. Certainly a must-have product for every lady, regardless of age!

  11. Grace

    Love the jelly-like substance which acts as a moisturizer to my face and it smells really good. Easy to apply on face and should be applied as the first step before one’s normal skincare routine. Very hydrating product.

  12. Kelly Yew

    The jelly is superb! Nice feel on my face and neck when I apply. Super glowing and hydrating. Love the easy application. When you open the cap the next day, the orange bouncy jelly looks like new again. Amazing and loving it!

  13. Dolly

    Good product with super amazing effects

  14. demonmandy

    This Astalift Jelly is a great skin care that make my skin very radiant & smooth, I even like the fragrance smell of the Jelly after first time of trying.

  15. Elizabeth Lee

    I have chronic dry skin and thanks to the helpful ladies at Astalift, i got to know this product. First impressions of the product: nice texture and light scent, and super easily absorbed by the skin. Over time, i feel my skin is soft and more supple, and now even my husband steals my Jelly to use on his face !

  16. Jennifer

    First time trying the Astalift jelly. After using , I feel It makes my skin feels moisturized and look radiant.

  17. Dawnn

    I love how hydrated my skin feels! Loving it so far

  18. Janelle Cai

    After using Renewal Jelly Aquarysta . It makes my skin feels moisturised but not too oily, the skin feels smooth and not sticky at all. The jelly smells very pleasant.Works well on my skin and I love it! After apply after 2 weeks my skin feel smooth and skin elasticity improves . High recommend.Love it.

  19. Chris Lim

    This is my first time trying jelly, after using my skin has more radiant solve my uneven skin tone. I like this jelly is not oily at all.

  20. Tel

    The jelly is very light & smells good. My skin feels smoother and hydrated. Good!!

  21. J Lee

    First time using this Jelly. Smells nice, feels nice. Love it!

  22. Ivory

    First time using this Jelly. Smells nice, feels nice. My skin feels more hydrated after using. Love it!

  23. Xie Yanting

    I have a very problematic skin. After using Aquarysta jelly, my skin has become more supple, less oily and lesser acne breakouts. It has a nice rosey fagrance and is easily asorbed into the skin leaving a smooth and non sticky layer.

  24. Jace

    Love how the Astalift jelly give my face a brighter look after using.

  25. Lovynn

    Love the jelly texture of the product and it keeps my skin smooth and supple!


    My skin look better after I use this.

  27. Albert soon


  28. Cherrie

    Like the jelly textures, very light and not sticky. My skin looks brighter and not so dry after the 1st application. Pores became smaller.
    Happy with the result.

  29. Charlene

    Got a sample of the Jelly and it did wonders for my skin! My skin was so soft and bouncy throughout the day and the best part was that the jelly wasn’t sticky at all. Will be buying after I finish the sample set!

    TLDR: Good moisturisation. Lightweight feel. Mochi mochi skin

  30. Lynn

    Astalift jelly works well for my skin. Nice scent too.
    Absorption is fast and is non sticky on face.

  31. Erica Liyu

    The Jelly smells great, it rejuvenates my skin and my skin feels so much smoother and looks better.

  32. Lim Yi suen

    After use at night my skin look better at the next day.

  33. Bryan T.

    I was observing with interest on how Astalift became a part of my wife’s dressing table. I now know it can help some guys too with dry skin and brightening aged skin from those hours in the sun from golfing.

  34. Natasha

    LOVE the smell of it. Very very pleasant scent, kind of like mood-lifter. Texture wise, is very cooling, and unique. From jelly to lightweight lotion upon contact of massage. Fast absorption and super lightweight. It’s a fun process of applying.

    Only started using for one day (morning and evening application), but find that it really helps with hydration (long lasting hydration) for my dehydrated combination skin, and controls my oil production.

    Im utterly amazed by result of one day usage, and also the technology behind the jelly.

    Hope to achieve rosy glow cheeks and visible fine lines reduction after 28 days as mentioned in their report (from google search).

  35. Tan Gui Wen

    Have tried applying just the jelly itself and skipped other skincare steps and my face did becomes brighter in just one night! I love how smooth the texture is, and it makes it very easy to apply and absorb. The sweet rosy scent also make it seems like a relaxing spa treatment for my face!

    Definitely highly recommended for deep moisture and anti-aging!

  36. Kate Lam

    Trying the Astalift jelly for the first time. Nice texture and easily absorbed into skin.

  37. Carolynn Ang

    Texture: As the product name, the texture is gel/jelly type.
    Colour: red
    Small: really nice, fragrance and not over powering. Feels good when you tap the jelly on the face
    Feel: absorption is fast, not sticky. Feels tender/soft after application. Bouncy!

    Tip: no need for much. Small amount is sufficient

  38. Celia Yong

    First time trying the Astalift jelly, love the texture and it make my skin look radiant. A must use product

  39. Janet Chiam

    I love how this product isn’t oily and makes my fine lines & wrinkles appear less. Thanks to it I now have smoother skin!

  40. Stephanie Goh

    This product feels lightweight on my skin. It keeps my skin hydrated and has a nice scent to it

  41. Autumn13

    Love the scent of this product & how well it hydrates my skin

  42. Penny Soh

    Pores are more refined. Recommended friends to try out. Best first care I have tried… Goooood!

  43. Hazel

    Jelly texture is smooth and easy to absorb

  44. Janet Yong

    I have been an ardent supporter of Astalift Jelly since u first open your Jem outlet. My skin texture improves, and even my facial therapist notice the difference. I shall look forward to great deals from the company for this product 🙂

  45. desmond

    i love the texture and it makes my skin very smooth after using


    The Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is a great product for skin toning, hydration and anti-aging. It give a smooth feeling to the skin and makes the skin look much tight and fresh. Besides, such result is Long-lusting. I would recommend to use this product on a daily basis during the day and as a mask before sleeping.

  47. Wini

    Love it! It is so hydrating and not sticky at all. Would definitely purchase it once I finish mine ! It absorb so well yet get to see some changes on my skin after using it

  48. eugenia lim

    wonderfully effectively healing my skin! fantastic. 10/10 love it

  49. Hu Yuting

    After using Jelly Aquarysta, I found an improvement in the condition of my skin. My skin is more hydrated and firmer.

  50. Cherry

    Easy to absorb. I like the texture.

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