Jelly Aquarysta T
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Leave-on skin conditioner that strengthens skin defense, repairs barrier function & improves absorption of nutrients.




Use on clean dry face after cleansing but before applying lotion/toner. Take adequate amount with spatula & spread evenly onto the face and neck area.

Recommended Amount to Use:

1cm diameter

455 reviews for Jelly Aquarysta T
40g | 60g | Refill

  1. Jolene Loh

    I have used the Jelly Aquarysta for 1 month now. My skin was pumped up and appeared even much more youthful now than ever. It is also gentle on my sensitive skin. I can confidently share that this is one of the best product that I had ever tried. I would recommend to everyone who wants to achieve a youthful radiant look.

  2. Susan

    Incredible Astalift~

  3. Dolphin

    The texture is light and it’s easily absorb to my skin. Nice for people who doesn’t like heavy & sticky stuff on the face.

  4. Ng Ling Li

    It is soft, mild aromatic smell and light texture. I can feel it’s easy to absorb into my skin and give supple fair and radiant look. I can also apply my sunscreen on my smooth face easily!

  5. tmc

    Astalift’s Jelly Aquarysta is refreshing and soothing on my skin. It is absorbed readily and my skin feels hydrated, soft and well-cared for. It helps in the absorption of serums that I put afterwards. Jelly Aquarysta makes my skin feel like it’s just been at the spa. 🙂

  6. Elena NG

    This is an excellent first step pre toner that preps the skin to absorb whatever good stuff that will be applied after. My skin is hydrated and never feels dry after I started using this jelly. It is a must have item in your daily beauty essentials routine!

  7. wendy sun

    Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is a great skin care that I use after my cleanser everyday morning and night. It helps to brighten up my skin and provide moisturising effect. I have used the product for continuous of 1 and half years and seeing my skin improve on the texture and smaller pores. Everyday is brighten with Astalift Jelly Aquarysta and increased my level of confidence. Will definitely continue with Astalift and recommend it as one of my must-have product in my daily skin routine! <3 Astalift Jelly Aquarysta you are loved

  8. Angel lin

    Can be used as a sleeping mask. Non sticky . Well absorbed. Keeps skin hydrated and yet light texture . Good for Singapore hot and humid weather . Especially at this point of time when we need to wear mask all the time. Good for maskne . Doesn’t cause allergies . Good for sensitive skin.

  9. KIM

    This is not an ordinary moisturiser but it is a skin booster! Skin boosters are concentrates that contain a potent blend of skincare ingredients to target specific skin concerns like signs of ageing, hyperpigmentation and a dull complexion. Booster is more powerful than a regular serum and moisturiser, and usually it is used it to prep or “boost” our skin before applying the rest of our skincare products! i have used 2 jars so far and my skin is healthy and glowing! i have very sensitive skin and frequent redness due to sun exposures and this jelly calms my skin very well! so far no irritation and no out break! all is good! i believe it is due to the ingredient astaxanthin which is said to have the unique capability of accelerating wound healing and suppressing cellular damage from UV rays and free radicals.

  10. Quek Swee Kim

    The Astralift Jelly Aquarysta is an extremely effective face gel product. After about a week’s use, I find that it leaves my skin highly hydrated. My skin also feels smooth. I would recommend this face gel to anyone whose skin is dry or one looking for a highly moisturising product. Also, suitable for my relatively sensitive skin cos it does not cause any unwanted reaction. In short, this is an amazing product.

  11. Germaine Tang

    Astalift is a great skin care product which I will use after my cleanser everyday (twice a day). It helps to brighten up my skin complexion and provide moisturising effect. I have used the product for more than a year and definitely see that my skin is revitalised and pores have also tightened. Having a brighter and more supple complexion also increased my level of confidence. Will definitely continue with Astalift and recommend it as one of my must-have product in my daily skin routine! 🙂

  12. Carolina Marelie

    The ingredient list that has plenty of Nano AMA+ & collagens to protect your skin from collagen-damaging free radicals, plenty of moisturizers to hydrate and plump your skin, and plenty of brightening natural ingredients to soothe your skin. Overall, amazing and I HIGHLY recommend to everyone in doubt to purchase this Gel, I’m on my second jar currently!

  13. Jessie

    I started using Astalift a few months ago and like it. It is easy to apply, smells good and makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth. Since wfh, I feel that my skin has become dry and rough so Astalift is a superb remedy.
    Thanks for your product.

  14. Liz

    Sinply LUV the light cooling texture of Astalift Jelly Aqurysta! The anti-aging jelly penetrate seamlessly and keeps skin hydrated, moisturised and refreshed for long hours. Have recommended to family and friends with positive feedback so far. Happy to share with friends this skincare product that really works.

  15. Gigi

    I have used the jelly aquarysta sample and find that within one week of using my skin become dewy and plump lifted. I can go san make up and still look good.Love it! This is definately on my purchase list

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