Renewal Jelly Aquarysta T
40g | 60g | Refill

(429 customer reviews)


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  • Unique anti-ageing skincare product
  • Deeply penetrates the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent dehydration and mitigate skin ageing effects
  • Visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and other signs of damaged skin
  • Exquisite moisture retention with Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene and Collagen content


Jelly Aquarysta is Astalift’s number one best seller. This unique anti-aging skincare product composes of an effective mix of collagen and moisturiser. Delivering a light texture facial treatment that ensures fast absorption resulting in glowing skin.

Key Ingredients

Human-type nano-Ceramide, Nano-Astaxanthin, Nano-Lycopene, Collagen, Highly-permeable Resveratrol


  1. After cleansing, apply a pea size amount of product
  2. Across your face and neck

429 reviews for Renewal Jelly Aquarysta T
40g | 60g | Refill

  1. Moe.I

    I’ve been using it for over a year before renewal.
    Continue using Jelly Aquarysta, I’m always able to maintain good skin, no matter how busy I am, how little I sleep or how much stress I have.
    And good skin condition makes me feel better.

    When I saw myself in the photo taken about 3 months after I started using it, I got surprised that my cheeks glow.
    About half a year had passed, the chin acne, which has been always troubled me every month, dissapeared.
    Even in the early spring, when my skin becomes dry and sensitive always, I could overcome it without getting a rough skin.

    It’s a bit expensive but contains plenty of human-type nano-ceramide, which is important for the barrier function of the skin.
    It makes my skin stronger and healthier, so I’m satisfied with Jelly Aquarysta and it became indispensable to me.

  2. AliceLSP

    Usually the next morning I woke up, my face feel so dry. However, after using Jelly Aquarysta, my face feel so hydrates even after long hours in the aircon room. Love the Jelly so much.

  3. valenslau

    Have been using Jelly Aquarysta for 6 months now and I feel that my skin is much more bouncy, hydrated and less visible pores. It is easy to apply and does not leave any sticky residue on my skin even though the texture is really like a jelly! Very interesting product to add in to your skincare routine. I highly recommend this product to those who have not tried before.

  4. Celine

    Have been using this jelly continuously for the past 1 year. I love the interesting texture. It is jelly-like but is so easily absorbed into the skin that make my morning routine faster.

    It smells wonderful and it delivered results.

    Will continue using this product before any of my serum.

  5. SE

    I have used Astalift Jelly Aquarysta 2 years back but stopped using until the Covid period where I started experiencing rough skin patches from wearing a mask. After using for the past 5 months, my skin condition has improved. I have no more skin irritation and redness and the dry patches healed faster than before. It’s something I’ll be using as my staple skincare.

  6. kelvin aw

    After using for a week , my friends can tell that my face are more hydrated and looks younger. great product love it

  7. Irene Peh

    The jelly is hydrating and the skin feels smooth and not sticky at all.

  8. Jess

    I love Jelly Aquarysta.. I like the texture..easily absorbed into my skin and it hydrate my skin as well. Skin also look more firming.
    Such a good skin conditioner.. nice smell too. Highly recommended.

  9. Bee

    Have been an Astalift customer for more than 2 years. Jelly is one of the star products I truly love. The unique texture and pleasant smell make it to my A list. Most importantly, its effectiveness that help me achieve a smooth skin. Highly recommended!


    I love Astalift Jelly Aquarysta as the texture is smooth and silky . My skin improves and shines after one month usage. I definitely will promote this product to all my friends. Highly Recommended for all females !

  11. Pgl

    Feels light and easy to apply not oily and can be used the gel texture

  12. Yap Choon Kui

    After using Renewal Jelly Aquarysta for a week plus, I can see my skin becoming more radiance. I love jelly-like texture and how it absorb to my skin so easily and keeping it hydrated throughout the day. It A definitely must have product in my beauty regime.

  13. Tay Xiulin

    I love jelly-like texture and how it absorb to my skin so easily and keeping it hydrated throughout the day. It A definitely must have product in my beauty regime.

  14. Tay Xiulin

    The jelly is hydrating and the skin feels smooth and not sticky at all.

  15. Cheng May ling

    I have been using Jelly Aquarysta for more than 5 years. It keeps my skin hydrated and firm. The lines around my eye area is finer. My face skin texture has improved significantly . Thank you to astalift for the quality product at a reasonable price .

  16. Joyce Kong

    This is the first time I am using Astalift jelly and feel that my skin feels hydrate and not sticky. However, I would prefer those pump serum type instead of open jar type. Nevertheless, my sensitive skin did not break out after using the jelly which is great.

  17. Yue Hua

    Jelly Aquarysta is a fantastic product. Apply directly after cleansing, before toner. It has a non-sticky texture that absorbs into the skin quickly. A small amount is sufficient to keep my face hydrated and soft.
    In fact, my skin does feel less moisturized and soft if I skipped the jelly one day before.
    This is definitely one of my favourite daily products from Astalift.

  18. Nancy Li

    My skin is very sensitive so I never found a product that satisfies my skin’s needs. However, after using this for the first time (in fact, first time using an Astalift product) through sample redemption, I could feel the difference. The texture is light and not sticky. I did not end up with lots of pimples and having the glowy-oily skin that I ended up with after using other products. I can feel that it is easily absorbed into my skin. I will definitely use this product in the future and I strongly recommend it!

  19. Tan Hui Leat

    After use Renewal Jelly Aquarysta T I can feel that the skin can absorb skin care products more easily. The skin will be better.

  20. Audrey Goh

    skin felt very smooth and hydrated after using it. Love the texture and will continue to use it!

  21. Kan Yue Meng

    After using Astalift Jelly, I feel my skin gets hydrated and well pump up. Love the texture after the jelly melt into my skin. Will continue to use it in my skincare routine.

  22. Lim Kah Huay Joycelyn

    I like the jelly very much and have been using it for long time already

  23. Mu Lan

    Lovely texture and fruit smell, also good hydration effect in dry environment.

  24. Shannon

    Nice jelly texture which preps my skin well for the next step (Serum)

  25. Jen

    I had just given birth and experiencing tightness and slight itch in my skin. After using the above jelly aquarysta, I feel so rejuvenated Thanks so much

  26. Jia

    Jelly Aquarysta is my fav product! It smells really nice and absorbs well. Skin feel moisturised and radiant afterwards. Great product

  27. Jia

    I love jelly aquarysta. The texture is nice and it smells awesomez

  28. Kan Yue Meng

    First tine using Jelly Aquarysta, i have the texture as it melted onto my skin. Feel hydrated and not oily at all. Will continue to use it for your routine skincare

  29. Queenie Ng

    Hear the raves about this product from girl friends. Personally finds it expensive.. But since my gf bought this for my birthday skincare regime set.. I started falling in love with texture etc..

  30. Claudia

    Highly recommended. Light texture yet hydrating. Nice subtle fragrance & not oily.

  31. Eugenia Sin

    I recently try Jelly Aquarysta , after try for months. The lines around my eye area is finer and my skin texture has improved.

  32. Irene Peh

    The jelly is hydrating and my skin feels smooth. It is easily absorbed into my skin

  33. Girish

    Firdt time trying Jelly Aquarysta and i love the texture after applying on my skin. Feel my oily skin smooth and hydated after that followed by toner, serum and mositurer. Will continue to use.

  34. Wei yuan

    Ever since using Jelly Aquarsta, my skin feels so polished & less irritated ..

    Especially the little fine lines is diminishing and my skin glows giving me a youthful look

  35. Lucia Joseph

    Tried Astalift for the first time and felt my skin tone has improved. Feel hydrated and soft touch. No more dry n dull face.
    Thank you Astalift.

  36. Sin yiek

    Strengths barrier function, promote ceramide production in skin

  37. lena

    Jelly aquarysta is not oily n soothes onto the skin gently. The fragrance is awesome, not too strong. Will use it as my daily skin care routine.

  38. Stefanie

    Received the free sample Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. Applied one pea sized overnight and boom.. I can see my laugh line faded a little. I have oily and sensitive skin yet it does not irritated my skin. Gonna purchase the full sized and include in my daily routine.

  39. Ng Ling Li

    After using Astalift jelly aquarysta for a week, I can feel my skin is getting more moisturising and hydrating. I feel refreshing when apply with nice fragrance of the gel.The gel is non-stick and greasy and easy to absorb into my skin.

  40. Geraldine Yu

    I apply Astalift renewal jelly aquarysta after i wash my face – day n nite and it helps my face to absorb all other astalift products i use and it enhances the youthfulness and bounciness of my face. I like it very much!

  41. Jessica Bek

    I love jelly Aquarysta is a fantastic product. Love the non-sticky texture that easily absorbs into the skin.

  42. Yanning XIE

    I got a recommendation from my friend through Instagram and got the sample to try out. I am normally skeptical at how miraculous people say these skin products are but this one is really amazing!

    I have kinda combination skin. I have no real bad issues with my skin, just that it may get oily when I wake up in the morning or when it’s too hot in the afternoon. So I don’t use moisturiser regularly (maybe once every few days) but sometimes I get a little patch of dry skin peeling on the side of my nose.

    This product is smooth to apply on the skin. It makes my skin feels moisturised but not too oily, clean but not too dry. Works well with my skin and I love it! Have recommended my sis who has acne issues to try it out, we’ll see how it goes for her!

  43. Shufen

    The jelly is really absorbed into my skin. I can feel my skin is moisture and pump up. Used a bottle and does see the difference in terms of skin firmness and hydration

  44. Low Poh Gek

    The product is ok,and feels soft on the skin.will purchase if there is promotion

  45. Sharon

    Nice packaging and the products feels soft and moist,will purchase again

  46. Leona

    The product is hydrating and the skin feels smooth and not sticky at all.High recommend.Love it.

  47. Dallas

    The product is hydrating and it absorb into my skin quickly.

  48. Peggy

    Learnt about this jelly when I started with their facial. Not oily and absorb easily. Not oily but skin felt hydrated and brighten whole day. It helps to boost the serum well..

  49. Vivian Lin

    The jelly is very light & smells good. My skin feels smoother instantly after 1st application. I think it really helps to absorb my skincare products more effectively as my skin looks more radiant after a few weeks.

  50. Janet Tan

    This product is quite hydrating. I feel that my wrinkles have become less visible and my skin stays firmer after using. I also noticed that my makeup looks smoother and stays on longer.

  51. Cherry

    Easy to absorb. I like the texture.

  52. Hu Yuting

    After using Jelly Aquarysta, I found an improvement in the condition of my skin. My skin is more hydrated and firmer.

  53. eugenia lim

    wonderfully effectively healing my skin! fantastic. 10/10 love it

  54. Wini

    Love it! It is so hydrating and not sticky at all. Would definitely purchase it once I finish mine ! It absorb so well yet get to see some changes on my skin after using it


    The Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is a great product for skin toning, hydration and anti-aging. It give a smooth feeling to the skin and makes the skin look much tight and fresh. Besides, such result is Long-lusting. I would recommend to use this product on a daily basis during the day and as a mask before sleeping.

  56. desmond

    i love the texture and it makes my skin very smooth after using

  57. Janet Yong

    I have been an ardent supporter of Astalift Jelly since u first open your Jem outlet. My skin texture improves, and even my facial therapist notice the difference. I shall look forward to great deals from the company for this product 🙂

  58. Hazel

    Jelly texture is smooth and easy to absorb

  59. Penny Soh

    Pores are more refined. Recommended friends to try out. Best first care I have tried… Goooood!

  60. Autumn13

    Love the scent of this product & how well it hydrates my skin

  61. Stephanie Goh

    This product feels lightweight on my skin. It keeps my skin hydrated and has a nice scent to it

  62. Janet Chiam

    I love how this product isn’t oily and makes my fine lines & wrinkles appear less. Thanks to it I now have smoother skin!

  63. Celia Yong

    First time trying the Astalift jelly, love the texture and it make my skin look radiant. A must use product

  64. Carolynn Ang

    Texture: As the product name, the texture is gel/jelly type.
    Colour: red
    Small: really nice, fragrance and not over powering. Feels good when you tap the jelly on the face
    Feel: absorption is fast, not sticky. Feels tender/soft after application. Bouncy!

    Tip: no need for much. Small amount is sufficient

  65. Kate Lam

    Trying the Astalift jelly for the first time. Nice texture and easily absorbed into skin.

  66. Tan Gui Wen

    Have tried applying just the jelly itself and skipped other skincare steps and my face did becomes brighter in just one night! I love how smooth the texture is, and it makes it very easy to apply and absorb. The sweet rosy scent also make it seems like a relaxing spa treatment for my face!

    Definitely highly recommended for deep moisture and anti-aging!

  67. Natasha

    LOVE the smell of it. Very very pleasant scent, kind of like mood-lifter. Texture wise, is very cooling, and unique. From jelly to lightweight lotion upon contact of massage. Fast absorption and super lightweight. It’s a fun process of applying.

    Only started using for one day (morning and evening application), but find that it really helps with hydration (long lasting hydration) for my dehydrated combination skin, and controls my oil production.

    Im utterly amazed by result of one day usage, and also the technology behind the jelly.

    Hope to achieve rosy glow cheeks and visible fine lines reduction after 28 days as mentioned in their report (from google search).

  68. Bryan T.

    I was observing with interest on how Astalift became a part of my wife’s dressing table. I now know it can help some guys too with dry skin and brightening aged skin from those hours in the sun from golfing.

  69. Lim Yi suen

    After use at night my skin look better at the next day.

  70. Erica Liyu

    The Jelly smells great, it rejuvenates my skin and my skin feels so much smoother and looks better.

  71. Lynn

    Astalift jelly works well for my skin. Nice scent too.
    Absorption is fast and is non sticky on face.

  72. Charlene

    Got a sample of the Jelly and it did wonders for my skin! My skin was so soft and bouncy throughout the day and the best part was that the jelly wasn’t sticky at all. Will be buying after I finish the sample set!

    TLDR: Good moisturisation. Lightweight feel. Mochi mochi skin

  73. Cherrie

    Like the jelly textures, very light and not sticky. My skin looks brighter and not so dry after the 1st application. Pores became smaller.
    Happy with the result.

  74. Albert soon



    My skin look better after I use this.

  76. Lovynn

    Love the jelly texture of the product and it keeps my skin smooth and supple!

  77. Jace

    Love how the Astalift jelly give my face a brighter look after using.

  78. Xie Yanting

    I have a very problematic skin. After using Aquarysta jelly, my skin has become more supple, less oily and lesser acne breakouts. It has a nice rosey fagrance and is easily asorbed into the skin leaving a smooth and non sticky layer.

  79. Ivory

    First time using this Jelly. Smells nice, feels nice. My skin feels more hydrated after using. Love it!

  80. J Lee

    First time using this Jelly. Smells nice, feels nice. Love it!

  81. Tel

    The jelly is very light & smells good. My skin feels smoother and hydrated. Good!!

  82. Chris Lim

    This is my first time trying jelly, after using my skin has more radiant solve my uneven skin tone. I like this jelly is not oily at all.

  83. Janelle Cai

    After using Renewal Jelly Aquarysta . It makes my skin feels moisturised but not too oily, the skin feels smooth and not sticky at all. The jelly smells very pleasant.Works well on my skin and I love it! After apply after 2 weeks my skin feel smooth and skin elasticity improves . High recommend.Love it.

  84. Dawnn

    I love how hydrated my skin feels! Loving it so far

  85. Jennifer

    First time trying the Astalift jelly. After using , I feel It makes my skin feels moisturized and look radiant.

  86. Elizabeth Lee

    I have chronic dry skin and thanks to the helpful ladies at Astalift, i got to know this product. First impressions of the product: nice texture and light scent, and super easily absorbed by the skin. Over time, i feel my skin is soft and more supple, and now even my husband steals my Jelly to use on his face !

  87. demonmandy

    This Astalift Jelly is a great skin care that make my skin very radiant & smooth, I even like the fragrance smell of the Jelly after first time of trying.

  88. Dolly

    Good product with super amazing effects

  89. Kelly Yew

    The jelly is superb! Nice feel on my face and neck when I apply. Super glowing and hydrating. Love the easy application. When you open the cap the next day, the orange bouncy jelly looks like new again. Amazing and loving it!

  90. Grace

    Love the jelly-like substance which acts as a moisturizer to my face and it smells really good. Easy to apply on face and should be applied as the first step before one’s normal skincare routine. Very hydrating product.

  91. Angie Lee

    Amazing product, the sweet fragrance is very relaxing and makes me feel more feminine! The gel absorbs instantly and upon waking up the next morning, the skin is so smooth, bouncy and hydrated. My makeup glides on easily and stays because the oil-water balance is restored. When taking pics, can really see the glow, radiance and firmness. Certainly a must-have product for every lady, regardless of age!

  92. SL

    I have used Jelly Aquarysta since Covid-19 circuit breaker started in March 2021. It’s very effective in improving my skin moisture and firmness. My face complexion is clearer, lines less visible and skin colour is well balanced. Recently I went for my facial and my beautician said that my face is sharper, much more lifted and colour of my complexion is even. Love this product.

  93. S C Tan

    This jelly not only aids in absorbing skincare products better, but also helps make-up stay smooth and last longer. The skin feels firm and radiant, and foundation looks beautiful on photos after using.

  94. xi

    skin redness reduce and feel more hydrating. will definiately buy again.

  95. Chloe

    Jelly Aquarysta works wonder on my tired face. I applied it at night and I can see a brighten-up face the next morning. Since then I applied it just that for my night therapy.

  96. TS

    This product works wonder. Dryness of my skin disappeared after applying this. And it seems to reduce wrinkles. Ceramide in this jelly is absorbed into skin very quickly. I cannot live without this jelly any more.

  97. Crystal

    First time trying out this brand i love the smell of the jelly after apply totally in love with it it makes my skin like baby skin. Will continue this brand as my basic skin care routine.

  98. Melissa

    Wonderful product! Fast absorbing with no sticky feeling, skin feels soft and supple after use. Would recommend!

  99. Telvina Tan

    After using Astalift, my skin feels brighter and smoother, plumper and firmer. Jelly is like agar agar, absorbs well into my skin with no stickiness feel. Amazing!

  100. Jen

    Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is Truly So Uplifting & Energising !

    Makes my skin feel superbly smooth soft and radiant


    Wonderful gel cream. Easily absorb by skin. Best item.

  102. eugene kwek

    After using AStalift, my skins feels alot smoother and i start to shine more and more, i would totally recommend Astalift as it is by far one of the best item i have ever used! Totally amazing and totally worth buying to pamper yourself!!!


    High recommended.

  104. Lim

    我会努力的用这个产品 也会介绍给我的家人和朋友。

    谢谢 Astalift

  105. Beh

    Product is very good. Not oily and very nice smell.
    After using it my skin problems have been removed.
    My face was shining and smoother.
    I will recommend to my friends and family members
    Thank Astalift

  106. Vivien Tan

    Amazing product which optimizes my skin’s moisture-retention capabilities!

  107. tmc

    Light, hydrating, gentle, nurturing. Every time I smooth it into my skin, I can feel my skin relaxing, breathing, being nourished. Awesome skin-loving product.

  108. Klara

    Tried the samples which are so will buy the products

  109. Shirley Wong

    This product is good. I have sensitive skin and this jelly really help soothing my skin and moisture after I apply. Highly recommend!

  110. Eileen Sim

    Tried the aqua jelly, like the moist texture and no oily feeling on skin. Absorb to skin almost instantly. Wake up feeling so smooth and radiant. Really good for hydrated skin. Use with Moist lotion for better results….Thumbs up!!

  111. Sandra

    I been using the sample Astalift Jelly Aquarysta for a week….the feeling is marvelous so light and penetrate into my skin easily. I also feel my forehead lines lesser, glad I come across such good products

  112. Cindy Tan

    I started during the Jelly again recently because of the frown lines. It works very well to reduce wrinkles around the eyebrows and soften frown lines. The texture of the jelly is moist and easily absorb into the skin. I am also drinking their Pure Collagen Drink (best one ever!).


    Love the smell and unique texture. It quickly absorb to my skin. I can feel my skin is hydrated. I have oily skin and this product doesn’t have oily effect after application.

  114. Siaw Kian

    Get samples and tried it. After applying, I feel my skin are more hydrating and skin condition is much better.

  115. SY

    The gel was quite easily absorbed after applying to the skin. Not oily at all. My skin feels more hydrated after trying out the samples. Nice product.

  116. Lewishoty

    Jelly feels nice and clean on my skin, light and moisturizing.

  117. Emily Kwan

    Great product, love the texture! It conditions my skin superbly. Highly recommended

  118. Glenda Ong pei see

    Hi Astalift and beauty people,
    I am a user of Astalift and I used other series of their products.
    This is my first time,using Jelly Aquarysta.I found it,easy to absorb to skin.It is non sticky and my skin will fresh.

  119. Sharon

    Great product, first time using Jelly Aquarysta. The gel is easily absorbed into my skin. My skin feels more hydrating after using. Thanks Astalift for the great product.

  120. Yunzi

    Improved my skin radiant and condition. My skin is glowing! An improvement i wish that this jelly could help is to be able to reduce existing acne scars on face. So that my glowing skin won’t create too much contrast on my face full of acne scars

  121. Shuhui

    I am impressed by the texture of Jelly Aquarysta. It is unique, my first encounter using this. It absorbs easily into my skin as a first step after cleaning, there is no sticky feel and my skin feels hydrated. Thumbs up!

  122. Chem Yi Hua

    I like the jelly texture which give me a clear and cooling feeling while applying it on my face. After 5 days of using, i found my face skill more nourishing and radiant. Unique watery and light texture absorpted fast into my face, so that i could proceed to my next skill care.
    It overall had improved my skill texture.
    Thanks Astalift Jelly Aquarysta

  123. Nica Bitang

    Good unique texture. Nice smell & it hydrates my skin. Will definitely buy again.

  124. Subhasri Acharya

    Loved the jelly Aquarysta. First the aroma of the jelly is awesome. It seeps into your skin and you can feel the softness and glowing skin just within a few application. This product is worth purchasing. In love with the product.

  125. Wei Lu

    Jelly Aquarysta is, as the name suggests, a jelly – like the ones you eat! The orange jelly comes in a metal tub in plastic packaging. You dip your fingers in the jelly (yes, a little unhygienic) and take a pea-sized amount which you spread over your face as a moisturiser. I like that it is similar to a cooling gel – although it is a little sticky on application, it absorbs quickly. I use this mostly in cold weather, and only at night in hotter weather.

    I think this is a really effective moisturiser because it keeps my skin very hydrated. Aside from hydration, I don’t think it has any anti-aging effects. It isn’t oily and doesn’t clog my pores. It has a very light rose fragrance. I will repurchase.

  126. Chong

    This is my first time tried jelly aquarsta by astalift product. After i applied over my face, it is very hydrating, non sticky, quick absorb deep into my skin, look healthy and refresh. Well recommend.

  127. Lynn Teh

    Great product. Not oily, glides on smoothly and instant perk up. Feeling great after applying.

  128. Dkathh

    Interesting texture and colour but colourless and does not feel like wearing anything when applied. Skin feels more moist, supple and hydrated. Recommended!

  129. L

    Loving it! Texture is so soft and smooth. It just melts into the skin, it’s super ight and smell so nice too. Great product!

  130. Li Siang Song

    Great product. First time trying Jelly Aquarysta and after using for 5 days, finds the jelly absorbs easily and it keeps my face feel hydrated and moisturise the whole day.
    Face do not get oily too. face look more radiant and fine lines are less visible. Love the product and had recommend my friends to try it.

  131. Shumin

    Thanks for the trial, tried and quite like it. very easy to absorb to skin and smell good too.

  132. Rachel Yu

    I have very dry and sensitive skin, and I do not like moisturiser as they are very oily. However, after using your Aquarysta jelly, my skin feels supple, not oily at all and I can feel my skin is immediately hydrated, with the moisture lock in.
    Thank you Astalift.

  133. Angela Lau

    Can feel the difference just after a week!!!!. My skin feels firmer and clearer. Will definitely buy it after my sample packs.

  134. Lee T A

    Love it alot.

  135. Amanda Goh

    This product actually made my skin firmer and it has became more hydrated since i started using this product. It has been great since then and i am still looking forward to using it in the future!

  136. Wilson lai

    This jelly hydrates my skin. I can see lesser visible pores and skin becomes bouncer than before. Love the non oily texture.

  137. kc

    Great product. Love the texture, not oily at all

  138. Siangcc

    This is the first time i tried this kind jelly texture . Is not oily when apply n easily absorb into my face . Definitely hydrate my skin n i love it .

  139. Rashi

    It’s a good hydrating product as it is not oily and my skin is slightly more firm as well

  140. cynthia

    I have tried the jelly aquarysta and it makes my skin hydrated and radiant

  141. Bee Kuan

    I like the jelly texture, easily absorbed and i feel more moisture & hydrated. Will purchase again.

  142. Peggy

    It’s my 1st time trying and I really like it, my bro say that my face look more radiant and less dry after using it.

  143. Azizah

    I started using the Astalift jelly after collecting the sample kit. I always feel my skin to be dry after washing in the morning. After trying the jell i feel my skin very hydrated. It makes my skin very supple. Instead of applying twice a day sometimes i wish i can have it on my face the whole day it feels that good.

  144. Loh Suat Ching ( Jessica)

    I have tried Astalif jelly. After apply on my skin, my skin texture smooth and the dryness is gone. It look radiant on my skin which make my day good and confident.

  145. Samantha

    I love the product. Tried the trial size and it’s great for my oily t zone skin. Thank you Astalift for the sample and would be heading to get a full size one!

  146. Koh Zelene

    The sampling kit was more effective than expected! The texture of the jelly was to my liking and after using it for a few days consecutively, I could see my skin being more hydrated and radiant. My skin also started feeling less dry as compared to before.

  147. Mary

    It is wonderfully light. Without any oily feel even after a whole day application which is important in Singapore ‘s tropical weather.

  148. Ching Hui Ying

    Good , my first time trying this product . All average is good.Thank you

  149. Caslin

    First time trying trying Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. When apply to skin, it was soft and easily absorb to it. The jelly was not oily at all and provide moisture & radiant to the skin. Worth to give it a try!

  150. Janice See

    First time try astalift jelly aquarysta. It help to hydrate my skin well. I feel abit of sticky when apply. But after it absorb no more sticky and it absorb faster. It also help to radiate my skin

  151. Sharon

    First time user of this product. Love the jelly texture and the moisturizing effect! Try it if you have not!

  152. Meeizhen

    First time using this product.Very satisfied for this product due my skin become very smooth after use.Recommend to purchase.

  153. Melissa Chew

    Amazingly how the jelly gets absorbed into my skin. Noticed skin more dewy after a few applications.

  154. Jasmine Goh

    Love the texture and the moisturizing effect!

  155. Licy

    The jelly is easily absorbed and skin is smooth and hydrated after using.

  156. Vincent

    Great moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin. No oily feeling!

  157. Aryall

    The jelly instantly quenches my skin thirst!

  158. Beiyi

    After using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, my face become moisturise and smooth. Very easy to apply on and get absorbed to my face. It is not oily and can be used on my sensitive skin. Love it.

  159. Anita Li

    The jel is very easy to use My skin seems to absorb it well I like It cuz no greasy feeling after application Happy with the product

  160. Serene

    Easily absorbed into skin, hydrating and moisturing skin effective. After applying, skin is a bit tighten or lift.

  161. Yeow Ah Lui

    Not greasy after application, fast adsorption and can see the skin was quite moisturised after use. Skin stays hydrated throughout the day without the need for reapplication.

  162. Fong Kin Fai

    The jelly texture was not oily and absorb into the skin fast, giving my complexion a smooth texture. More moisturised to my skin that other products.

  163. Geok Hwa

    The jelly like texture is v smooth n absorb v much. The smell is really nice. I like it v much.

  164. Lynn

    Hydrating to the skin and doesn’t leave the skin sticky.

  165. Elaine

    After applying on face, can instant feel hydrating effect and it seems to aid better absorption when applying other skin care products eg toner or moisturer. Its light and not sticky. Will definitely recommend to buy and use.

  166. Hue Yoke Shin

    First time try this products. Gel nothing sticky. Refreshing.

  167. Choo Huang Pey

    First time try this products. The smell is really nice. Easily absorb and hydrate. Notice my skin look bright and tighten after apply few times. Worth to buy~

  168. Annie

    First time trying the product… It is light and refreshing, and hydrates easily

  169. Lua Chiew Lynn

    This is my first time to you the sample of Astalift after I had redeem free sample.. I like to use branded skin care, my skin is dryness, lack of water, dullness and also have some wrinkle around eyes. Once I get this sample, I feel so elegant with the packaging red. It is remind me I used the xxhiseido ultimate brand before. Then I try this product out for 2 weeks, as my face quite small, the quantity able to last me so long before I gave any review. As I wish the product really work for me before gave any comment.

    Thanks to Astalift, this product is really amazing, the texture is like jelly and non stick at all. After apply, my skin became plum water like do a hydrating mask, by just apply the gel. There also have sunblock 1ml sample,. It was too great and I love the texture as I can’t accept the oily in other brand. This one is suit on me and more air texture to me. I love to use it. And I also have drink the collagen everynight. I try alot of collagen outside before.. This Astalift collagen once I drink the taste is sour sweet really nice. I feel amazing with the taste. It remind me to just drink pomegranate juice. Even only 1 bottle, it keep remind me to try out their collagen drink as well.

    After 2 weeks used this sample product, I 100% recommended with my heart, this product is amazing and the colour of jelly gel is too nice red, the best thing is. My skin dryness is gone, look so plum water and my eyes wrinkle is gone, truly amazing about this product.. Will purchase this product and now have a promotion, I get it one.

  170. Himali

    I like the texture.It is easily absorbed into my skin and it hydrates my skin as well. Skin also look more firmer and softer.
    It is a good skin conditioner. It has a nice smell too. Highly recommended.

  171. Fatima

    Amazing product! Lovely texture and pleasant smell. Provides all day hydration with no sticky residue. Will recommend to all!

  172. Susie

    Jelly gel texture. Apply after cleanser and before toner. Very easy to absorb into my skin and no sticky. Will continue to use to see further result.

  173. Susie

    Jelly gel texture. Apply after cleanser and before toner. Very easy to absorb into my skin and no sticky. Will continue to use to see further result.

  174. Himali

    My face is usually dry. I tried using Jelly Aquaryst for last 2 to 3 days. Now I feel my skin less dry and more moist, soft and fresher. I like the smell and texture of the jelly. It does not feel sticky on the face. Highly recommend to those who have not tried. No regrets.

  175. Siew Lan

    I just try Jelly Aquarysta for a week, everyday wake up can feel my face more moist & smooth.

  176. Chan Li Shun

    After using for a week ,my face are more hydrated and plumpy. The jelly is quite interesting as it is jelly texture but when it apply to my face, become watery and easily to spread over .The skin feels smooth and not sticky at all.

  177. Tammie

    My face is more moist and smoother after application. It has an interesting jelly texture and it absorbs quickly into my skin.

  178. Mel

    Wonderful jelly texture that absorbs into my skin quickly, so i wake up to visibly smoother, younger skin the next morning!

  179. Zhi ying

    Interesting jelly texture and feels light on my skin. Fun to apply, i use it day and night and see a significant improvement in my skin!

  180. Gracia Ow

    It’s such an interesting jelly texture and it’s amazing that my skin feels hydrated and not sticky at all! I also have sensitive skin and I’m glad it didn’t cause any breakouts at all. I do feel that my skin feels supple and I’ll definitely continue using it for even better results!

  181. Debbie Cheng

    The texture is very soft and absorbs to skin very nicely. Its easy to use and fuss free. Highly recommend this product for anti aging use.

  182. Tan Chia Hui

    At first I was a bit shocked that its red in colour. But thought I’ll give a try. Checked with the staff if its suitable for oily skin like mine & she said its for all skin type. Once i rubbed on my skin it melts into it & absorbed nicely. Not oily at all. I can feel instantly that this is quite different from the brands that I tried before. On the 3rd day I felt my skin much more hydrated & firm. I was too busy to read the brochure till on the 3rd day I realised it consisted of collagen too which explains why the firmness. Really like the experience & might get it for myself soon. Thanks for the sample!

  183. Dolphin

    Unique texture, but I feel it’s slightly too thick and heavy for my liking.

  184. Sharon

    I love asralift jelly aquarysta very much . It is light and have a pleasant smell. My skin tone is brighter and my skin complexion is finer and smooth. Will continue to use it

  185. Winky Lui

    Very moisturing, easy to apply, and brightens skin tone.

  186. Lily Tan

    Improve skin firmness and face is more hydrated. Able to control oil production.

  187. Melisa

    Wonderful product – so happy to have stumbled upon this!!! This is now my holy grail. Softens my skin and my skin looks poreless after use!

  188. Summer Guo

    Easy to apply the light jelly on the skin. Non-sticky and hydration effect could be felt even to the next day!

  189. Will

    Not too sticky, skin absorbs easily, great moisturizing factor.

  190. Claudia

    Love the product! Super hydrating, absorbed fast and non sticky on face. Will definitely recommend!

  191. Eunice chia

    Starting using it yesterday and today, feel like face is less oily throughout the day! Very satisfied… not too dry as well

  192. Sheryl

    Texture of the product is unique jelly like substance and after using, I feel that my skin is much more plump and hydrated. Highly recommended to use!

  193. Song

    I just tried the jelly. It is non-sticky and easy to apply

  194. Serene Tan

    This is my first time trying this product. I like the jelly texture which is light, non-sticky and absorb into the skin fast, giving my complexion a smooth texture. It hydrates my skin as well. It has a nice smell too. Highly recommended!

  195. Jane koh

    Start using yesterday I leave a nice smell and give my skin a better texture

  196. Toh Xin Ru

    Very hydrating yet had a light texture! Skin really felt more firm and plump

  197. wenghuilin

    Was not expecting much from this small bottle but, it was really good. Super hydrating and my skin feels more smooth and softer. It is non-sticky also which makes the product even better.

  198. Yuri

    Ever since i started using this my skin conditions have improved and feel more hydrated.

  199. Pamela

    The jelly is really moisturising and applies very thinly. It has a cool and gel like texture which makes it very pleasant to apply onto the skin. It has a very light fragrance which is great as I have sensitive skin and cannot take products which are heavily scented. A cool product I would recommend.


    The jelly-like gel is easily absorbed. Skin feel refreshed and hydrated. Smells good too!

  201. Zhou Zhijuan

    Very interesting texture to the skin. Love it the packaging tOo:)

  202. Yu

    After applying it my face feels moisturise immediately and it is non-sticky.

  203. Shin kay

    The jelly is very hydrating and not sticky at all. Easily absorbed and it’s so easy to apply! A little bit goes a long way!

  204. Elizabeth

    I’ve tried the samples. The jelly absorb fast onto my skin and there’s no sticky feeling. My skin feels hydrated.

  205. Aruna Mascarenhas

    I simply adore this product for it hydrates my skin keeping it soft and supple. The jelly fragrance is great and i cant resist using it everyday. I love it so much.

  206. Grace Lee

    This product is unlike any other i’ve used. The thick jelly/gel falls back neatly into place after use. Simply love the texture and I would not mind incorporating it into the first step of my skin care routine each time!

  207. Erica

    Astalift Jelly smells good and i use it at night before sleeping and the next day it makes my face smooth and firm to touch, great product, definetly recommended and will buy again, great to use, worth it and will recommend it to my family and friends.

  208. Anita Li

    Jel is absolutely beneficial for hydrating dry skin I look forward to using it always

  209. Naggy

    Hi .. I have not tried yet but Looking forward to use . I heard good reviews about thi product. It’s good product for all types of skin.I will try soon.

  210. Sharon Ng

    After opening the bottle of Astalift jelly, have doubtThat it could be not easily to apply on my skin. Who knows upon one application , the nice floral smell first approached was really wow n won my heart effortlessly! Haha I love this kind of scent indeed. The texture of the jelly is amazingly smooth n fast absorb too! Even my hubby could smell the floral scent when he is about to kiss on my cheek.. hehe
    Hint to him getting this jelly for the coming Xmas present ..

  211. Carol S

    My ageing skin normally feels dry and tight especially after washing but after trying the Astalift jelly, I can feel the difference. Skin feels hydrated, more moist and looks dewy. The fresh scent is also a plus with a calming effect. This one’s a keeper!

  212. Janet

    Amazing product. Glides smoothly on my skin and leave my skin feeling moisturised and glowy. Love it!

  213. Cheryl

    As the name suggests, the texture is rich and smooth. When applied, it plumps up my skin and leaves a dewy glow.

  214. Chloe Low

    After use my face feel very soft and smooth. Non sticky and fast absorb.Highly recommend to you.
    Really love it!

  215. Kennedy

    Good product. Astalift Jelly spread equally and absorb quickly. Very nice smell and texture and you can feel moisturised after applying.

  216. Tham Mei Yoong

    After using Jelly Aquarysta, I like the texture which easily absorbed into my skin and it’s hydrate my skin

  217. Dorothy

    Recommended – Astalift Jelly.
    Skin feels hydrated and smooth after using.

  218. Shumei

    Product is light and non greasy. Will return for more!

  219. sanxel

    I like it when the texture is not oily and easily absorbed, so i need not have to worry about the product making my skin looks shiny and greasy!

  220. Ivy Lim

    I find my forehead and undereyes wrinkles significantly less noticeable upon first time use. The forehead wrinkles appear finer whilst the undereyes areas look more plumped up though the fine lines still show up with facial expressions. I am hopeful that will continued use of astalift Aquarysta jelly, my 54 yo facial skin will start to look younger,

  221. Sharon Zhang

    I tried the aquajelly as per the staff’s recommendation, right after cleasning and before toner. The texture is intriguing, but you only need a little bit and it can be spread evenly on the whole face.
    Have been using for a week and it does feel like other products can be more easily absorbed after using the jelly!

  222. Quek Li Hoon

    My work is physical so I sweat all day and my skin gets greasy all the time. Tried the sample and it works well at keeping my skin less oily!

  223. Jane Chua

    Unique formula, light n non oily, easily absorb into my skin.It moisture my skin n reduce my fine lines.Thumb up!

  224. Cheng zai jing

    The jelly is very smooth when applied on the face. Helps tigthened pores and use before my moisurizer.

  225. Lixiang

    The jelly is soft and smooth for my face. Will have a tightening effect on the face and the pores before applying daily skin care products.

  226. Jesslyn

    A highly recommended product overall.
    Definitely the flagship product in the brand lineup.
    I like it when the texture is not oily and easily absorbed, so i need not have to worry about the product making my skin looks shiny and greasy!

  227. Annie

    The light and fast absorbent texture makes me feel cool and moisture. Helps me firm up my face as well as fine lines on my neck.

  228. Jessica Chan

    The cool jelly absorb instantly on my skin when applied. My face feels smooth and tighten, ready for moisturiser. A special product which other brands do not have. Highly recommended.

  229. Shirley koh

    My face becomes less oily after I apply the jelly. It absorbs into the skin pretty fast too. I like it.

  230. Susan Leong

    The Astalift Jelly looks attractive. It gives the impression of red jelly and upon application the face will be rosy. It is not creasy and fast in adsorption. The result is effective and skin is pump, fuller and more radiant.

  231. Avy Lee

    First time using the jelly and i love it! easy to apply after toner and absorbs right into my skin. Love the smell too.

  232. Kelvin Leong

    My first time using Astalift Jelly. My wife suggested for me to try as I have uneven skin tone. My skin felt supple the next morning. Good buy!

  233. Mabel Ong

    One of the best skin care products I have used. Instant pick-me-up for my skin, especially when it’s looking dull

  234. Yanni

    I have been used Astalift other products for past few years. This is a first time i try out renewal jelly aquarysta continues for a week. It definitely can feel the effects on my face, it look brighter, smoother and shiny.

  235. Sng Lay Lay

    I had tried the sample of this product, it is easily absorb into my skin and not sticky at all.


    I was given two cute sample tubs of jelly to try and the jelly is like no other product I’ve tried! It was absorbed by the skin instantaneously, my skin felt supple and smooth and I look more radiant even though I’m lack of sleep. Would recommend to try!

  237. Michelle Tan Yi Qin

    Interesting jelly texture that is light to touch. Non greasy and feels hydrating.

  238. Ymlee

    Jelly gel texture. Apply after cleanser and before toner. Very easy to absorb into my skin and no sticky. Will continue to use to see further result.

  239. Leelinda

    Very impressive Jelly Aquarysta Astalift facial product! When applied solid Jelly texture onto the skin, it started to melt and absorb into the skin. Sticky only happens when applying, bouncy smooth when absorb. I can understand why it is mentioned to prevent dehydration and properties of exquisite moisture retention. It’s an excellent anti-aging moisturizer to allow one of any age to start using. Will keep on using to observe signs of its efficiency.

  240. Cynthia Leow

    It’s really hydrates my skin n it is easily absorb into my face. A good recommendation product

  241. Jess

    Nice texture, hydrates my skin, will recommend to those who have dry skin especially.

  242. Ng Li Cheng

    My first time using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta.
    Love the jelly texture, it absorb quickly and hydrates my skin. Feel good

  243. Lukas Tay

    My skin looks refresh and youthful. The jelly is easily absorbed. Glad with the results and Bought the full size when I have finished the sample .

  244. Audrey

    Texture is one of a unique kind! Very easy to apply and absorption is quick. A creative innovation by Astalift. Skin feels radiant and moisturised with one application.

  245. Lynn

    My first time using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. It absorbs into the skin easily and face feel moisturised and smooth. Feels refreshed after each application.

  246. Goh Sharon

    1st time using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, feels great after applying.

  247. Reshmi

    Absorbing very quickly and suitable for the Asian skin

  248. Eve

    Really love the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. My skin is so smoother and softer after each application. It is not sticky and suitable for sensitive skin. Falling in love with it now.

  249. Elaine Wong

    I truly enjoyed the Jelly Aquarysta- it has a sweet fragrance with a hint of coolness and gel-like texture to increase the glow in my tired face and neck. Best of all, it contains nourishing collagen and other nutrients to rejuvenate and hydrate my ageing skin, laden with fine lines and pigmentation. Formulated with deep penetrating skin ingredients, I truly entrust and thank Astalift for creating this product for my life-long companion to youthful-looking skin!

  250. Hee

    The gel is not oily. Very easy to absorb by skin. Very nice natural rose fragrance

  251. Susan Chan

    The gel feels silky and easily absorbs into the skin. After using, skin feels smoother and hydrated. Skin appears radiant too.

  252. Rosanne Chan

    I like the texture of the Astalift Jelly. It smell nice and is different from the skin care product that I am using now. Thank you.

  253. Thalia

    The texture required some getting used to but it does really work well with hydrating my skin. It is calming and good for sensitive skin.


    Excellent skin conditioner which prepares my skin for better absorption of the other skincare making them work even more efficiently!

  255. Julie

    Tried out the sample kit from Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, after using for 1 week, I saw improvement in my skin, it is less dry and has better glow, I’m in awe and went back to get the full size kit!

  256. Ling

    I bought the full size Jelly Aquarysta after trying the sample kit, as I like the improvement on my skin which looks more hydrated and bouncy now.

  257. Chariss

    I have achieved a healthy looking skin ! I have always want achieve a good looking skin that regenerate signs of anti Aging skin

  258. Vero

    I can see my skin improvement after I use Renewal Jelly Aquarysta T. More bouncy and hyrated.
    I love Astalif

  259. Precious Grace Garcia

    This is the first time I used a jelly beauty product and it was amazing. I feel like it was inspired with jelly-ace (the food). The citrus smell was so refreshing. When you put it on your face, there is a warmness that I feel my skin absorbs the jelly right away. It didn’t feel sticky and I just feel refreshed. Another great product is the UV-D White Solution cream. It worked wonders with my dark spots caused by some pimples. My face got better, it becomes more like glass skin. So happy I was able to try these products.

  260. Lim Kah Wei

    I am loving it, Astalift Jelly Aquarysta is amazing, my skin looks more brighter and beautiful after trying out for a few days, then i’ve decided to made a purchase.

  261. Angie Ng

    I was surprised by the moisturising effect of the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. It is gel like but melts in the warm of my palms and very quickly adsorbs onto my face. I simply love this product.

  262. Renee Seah

    After using Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, my skin feels much more moisturised and not so tight as before. I like the jelly gel like texture as it is not oily unlike cream based type.

  263. Ying Fei

    I love Astalift Jelly Aquarysta especially the jelly-like texture and I feel my skin is hydrated for the whole day and non sticky at all. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

  264. Irvy kwan

    I used the jelly for a week, surprisingly its quickly absorbed and left my face hydrates at night. Thanks

  265. amamber7

    I love the calming rose scent and the interesting jelly texture. Makes my skin bright and hydrated, Also quickly absorbed and no sticky. Great product!

  266. Loh yoke sng

    Its really awesome and its absord quickly to my skin

  267. Joyce Lee

    I like the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta as it makes my skin so hydrated even stayimg long hours in aircon room. Skin texture become smoother and brighter after apply. Recommended to give a try.

    #BeTrulyYou #AstaliftJelly

  268. spring01

    I tried the sample.for Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. After a few days, I felt that my face is more hydrated. I feel fresher..what I like about the product is that it does not feel heavy and it’s has a pleasant smell.

  269. Mecora

    I have been using Astalift Jelly for just a few days, but I really love it! It has a cooling and non-sticky feeling, and absorbs easily into my skin. My face feels much more hydrated immediately afterwards. Definitely recommend everyone to try this.

  270. Chuahoct

    The gel is very good and hydrating. After application my face is smooth and feels good.

  271. Ansabel

    I love how the jelly is so easily absorbed. My skin feels hydrated and smooth after use. It smells nice and it’s also fun to see the jelly revert back to its smooth state after you take out a portion.

  272. Eling

    Unique jelly like texture that instantly absorb into skin.
    Smell nice too.

  273. YR

    Its my first time using such a jelly texture skincare product so its unique. I like how light and non greasy the jelly is, it will not clog up my pores. Face feels moisturized after applying and even after waking up the next morning!


    After using for 2 wks , my skin improved a lot , hydrated and shiny.. it helps to reduce my forehead fine lines too . This Jelly is easily absorbed and not oily and have nice smell. Will use this daily , thanks for the sample

  275. Estella Lim

    Even though the texture is very light but the hydration effect is amazing. This is just what every women need to have in their skincare routine.

  276. Cara

    Cream is non-tacky, absorbs well into the skin. Does not cause any irritation so far. Feels smooth and nice on the skin. Will continue using and hope it helps long term and have even better results.

  277. Lt

    Light texture and my skin feels hydrated upon application. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and I feel that this product is not oily and does not clog my pores. Highly recommended to give it a try.

  278. Katherine Tan

    A very good product with very powerful ingredients. My dehydrated skin feels hydrated and moisturised upon first application. Fast absortion and non greasy. Thumbs up!

  279. Amanda Chia

    Very good jelly and face product. Used it and my face is not so oily throughout the day. Very happy with the sample – highly recommded to try!

  280. Lynn Lim

    Very easily absorbed by skin. Very nice natural rose fragrance. Not so oily after application. I am surprised…

  281. Sharene

    My skin is sensitive and dry. After trying aquarist jelly for about a week my skin becomes hydrated. Will continue to use this product and observe the effect it bring to my skin.

  282. Alice Teoh

    My skin is very oily type, surprisingly after I apply the astalift jelly, the next day my skin is not oily and it absorbs very fast into my skin. I must said this is really is good product.

  283. Sabrina

    Very light and easily absorb. No sticky feeling after applying. Highly recommend

  284. Ellie Tan

    Highly recommend Astalift jelly product After 2 weeks I using Astalift jelly it absorbs very fast into my skin with youthful look and smooth skin.

  285. betterskinLouisa

    Astalift Jelly Aquarysta improves my skin texture, its much more smoother now. Fantastic.

  286. fuurin23

    Product is easily absorbed into the skin and its light. Recommed to give it a try


    I love it’s red jelly like texture that glides on smoothly onto my face & absorbs well into my skin . It takes only a small amount to keep my face well hydrated all night & my skin definitely looks healthier after each night’s use .

  288. Michelle

    Have been using it for a few months and I do experience smoother skin. It gets absorbed into the skin really quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky feel on my face. It keeps my skin hydrated and more supple.

  289. Christina Chia

    I received the sample trial kit for Astalift Aquarysta jelly. I love the smell of the jelly. I find it being easily absorbed on my face and it is hydrating too. Face feels softer and smoother after application. Heard good reviews about it. Is expensive but think is worth the splurge.

  290. Carol

    I was amazed that a tiny pea sized was enough tohydrate my face. It has a pleasant texture and light frangance. My skin felt comfortaby refreshed, best of all it add a light pinkish glow to my complexion .

  291. Dianne

    Hello. I love the Astalift products. They make my skin smooth and whitening effect. It improves my complexion and has a smooth texture. Pleasant to use.

  292. Chew shi yan

    Totallly love it my skin feel awesome and will buy it after sample finish

  293. Stephanie

    I have tried the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. This is very good product, after I apply n rub into my face, it very fast absorb into my skin.

  294. Sherilyn Chua

    Astalift Jelly Aquarysta has a unique texture but absorbs into the skin very well when applied onto the face. Really glad to have tried it it helped my skin remain hydrated throughout the day!

  295. Mdm Foong

    The jelly is hydrating and non sticky at all. My skin is the very sensitive kind and I have no problem switching to astalift. Love it

  296. xscalsVe

    The Astalift Jelly Aquarysta has lighweight texture and absobs onto my skin quickly. Importantly, it keeps my face hydrated and leaving the dewy glow on the face!

  297. Moon li yun

    I have tried the sample for the Astalift Jelly and it really help to hydrate my skin and most importantly,it is not sticky. Can feel the difference between applying vs not.Very good product!

  298. Debbie Tan Wee San

    I love the jelly like texture, which gets absorbed in the skin instantaneously, a feeling that the skin gets nourished and firmed up. Also love the collagen supplement drink, tasty and nutritious for my skin.

  299. Lina

    After using the jelly, my skin looks more hydrated and the lines are less obvious. it looks fuller and livelier.

  300. Tnglt

    Nice smell & it moisturize my skin even after long hours.
    Highly recommended, easy to absorb making skin feel more smooth and it is not sticky.

  301. Jane

    I like the unique texture, suitable for oily skin. Left my skin feeling smooth but not oily or sticky. The fragrance was nice, reminded me of Roselle, but not overpowering.

  302. Xxinli

    Love the light texture of Renewal Jelly Aquarysta! It is hydrating but not sticky. It helps to prepare my skin to absorb my subsequent skincare. Enjoyed the mild and pleasant scent too.

  303. kelia

    it tasted really yummy like lychee! i really recommend this product since it made my skin super smooth and not oily at all. the scent made it even more pleasant.

  304. Choo pay nee

    I know this product from my friend who know that my skin always dryness. Astalift jelly really absorb in my skin very well, my skin feel hydrating now. Believe me, try it and you will sure fall in love with this product.

  305. MollyTan

    I like the Astalift jelly light texture, can feel it’s hydrating effect n fine lines is lighter.

  306. Lydia Liu

    The jelly is quite moisturising and easy to be absorbed into skin, however the texture is bit tacky, it leaves subtle orange stain which is annoying

  307. Frederick Yap

    I am not a fancy on any cream or jelly.
    Ever since I am using the jelly aquarysta, my skin texture absorb well and keep my skin supple.

  308. Loh Suat Eng

    It is formulated with collagen and antioxidants that keep my skin look youthful and the texture of skin brighter after i apply the jelly aquarysta.

  309. Lim Tze Khang

    I like the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta . My face feel hydrated after using it

  310. Jasmine

    I love how astalift jelly feels non sticky on the skin gets hydrates my skin layers deeply. Skin feels and looks plump throughout the day. Love it x

  311. SINDY

    Just started using this renewal jelly aquarysta, its really good. Doesn’t leave sticky residue, and my face feels more hydrated now and not so dull anymore. Its really a good product. I would definitely recommended to my friends ane family members.

  312. Koh Soo Teng

    Astalift jelly makes my face moisture and feel fresh!! Easy to absorb too !

  313. Gwen H

    Very interesting jelly-like texture. Was worried it would be unsuitable for me as I’ve sensitive skin but to my surprise, it was very calming for my skin. The solid jelly “melts” into my skin upon application and absorbs in within seconds. It didn’t leave any oily / sticky residue behind, much to my joy. This product leaves my skin hydrated and I love the scent too! Very convenient to travel with this product because we don’t have to worry about spillage! Can’t wait to get the full sized product!

  314. An Ni

    Very moisturising and comfortable, does not feel sticky or anything after use.

  315. Chin Chin

    Thumbs up for the amazing product. Good texture, not oily and sticky. Hydrates and rejuvenates skins for the best.

  316. Yen

    I tried for about 3 weeks on my sensitive skin so far OK as no breakout and face not dry. Would preferred to be fragrance free and it’s abit expensive. It would be good that some other items can be of smaller size for try and it’s OK with a small price. For me it’s always good to try before we buy the actual size.

  317. Kendi chung

    I have used this product for 7 years from Malaysia to Singapore already and still keeps my face shining and smooth . You should use astalift jelly

  318. Gwen H

    Highly-recommended! Hydrating effects.

  319. show2318

    Love the texture!!!

  320. Susan L

    The jelly is light and quickly absorbed by the skin giving the skin a glowing look. With the application of the jelly, it also helps other skin care products to be quickly and better absorbed by the skin making the skin more healthy. Love this product.

  321. Caryn Peh

    Nice scent, jelly very easy to apply and contributes to moist skin ! After scooping, the surface smoothens out nicely after leaving it, nice !

  322. Phoebe

    perfect and awesome feeling after using it .. love it

  323. low meei yiing

    the jelly is light and moisture…love the texture…hightly recommened

  324. Marie

    Jelly is very light and filled with lots of moisture when applied on the face. As my skin is considered dry, this jelly really locks the moisture in

  325. Irene

    Skin feels really hydrated after application, products gets absorbed very quickly too.

  326. Margaret Doo

    The jelly is fantastic. It is smooth and has a pleasant smell. Despite the hot weather, there is no unpleasant smell of the jelly when I perspire and the texture remains consistent.

  327. Shirley leung

    I see my face brightens up after using The Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. it contains Glycerol which lock all the moisture in my skin. it smells nice and last longer than other skincare products i own.

  328. Liaw Wee Tong

    My wife has told me to use Astalift Jelly Aquarysta as she mentioned that it has anti-aging properties so I decided to give it a go. I like the soft cooling gel-like texture which is very suitable for my sensitive skin. Most products give me the itch but not the gel so I am very pleased with the product.

  329. Yee Sing Wong

    I am a fan of Japanese products but there is no product like the Jelly Aquarysta. It is perfect for my pigmented skin as I enjoy my outdoor activities. After using it for a few weeks, I find that my skin is more hydrated now.

  330. Chan Shuk Yin

    Got your sample kit And tried
    Feel the skin more moist and smooth

  331. Rachel

    It’s perfect even on acne prone skin. Great product for skin hydration.

  332. Lee hwee lin

    Astalift jelly has always been on my must try list whenever i go to Japan. Love the texture and how well it melts into your skin. Not forgetting its nice colour and orange smell. I have am currenlty a supporter of this product and is already into my thrid bottle. Thank u Astalift for this wonderful product.

  333. HENG Chor Luan

    I am already using it as part of my night facial routine. I am 69 years old and this gel is giving me good hydration and act as a good base to apply as the start of night face care routine. Good product.

  334. Rachel Lo

    I have tried the Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. I can feel my face moisture and smooth after apply, it very easy to absorb. Thanks Astalift !

  335. Zhang Rachel

    I tried the astalift jelly aquarysta and it leaves my skin feeling mosturised. And the smell is very pleasant. I like it very much.

  336. Grace Ng

    Smooth texture light yet hydrating, no unpleasant scent, look forward to using it everytime after cleansing.


    Very moisturising and great for anti ageing.

  338. Koh Mei San

    Best product make my skin radiant,moisture and smooth.Thank you Astalift Jelly Aquarysta!

  339. Jan Chan

    Good, light & easily absorbed, not sticky.

  340. Tanya

    Top quality and REALLY WORKS because it never fail to keep my skin firm, brightened with radiance and of coz I look young!

  341. TH

    After applying Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, my face feels hydrated and moisturized. It is light and easily absorbed and I like the gel like texture.

  342. pam chen

    During the pandemic , I had a lot more time & have been trying out different brands in the hope of finding a miracle cream for my face which is getting dull with some fine lines. Most of those I tried didn’t give me much hope …. until Astalift Jelly Aquarysta. I am still not sure as I only tried the sample . But it seems promising & I will continue. Must say that the jelly is most unusual ( also the red color) but I do find it easy to apply & very soothing . Absorbs well into the skin. Hopefully this is the product for me !

  343. low

    the jelly is light and moisture…love the texture…hightly recommened

  344. caramelux

    I tried the astalift jelly aquarysta and it leaves my skin feeling mosturised. And the smell is very pleasant. I like it very much.

  345. LISA Chung

    I got the sample form Astalift Nex and just a few of use i could see a differences. Totally love the nice smell and texture plus its hydrating power is amazing. Thank u for this great product.

  346. bettina Toh

    I find Jelly Aquarysta do absorb easily when apply on my face. It smell nice and my face instantly feel fresh and radiant.

  347. Janice

    I tried the sample and it was AMAZING! So i proceeded to buy for myself and my daughter. Good buy! Great product! (and also amazing service from the staff)

  348. Alicia Tan

    Used the sample continuously for a week, skin feel supple and hydrated. Will definitely ecommend to friends.

  349. Lee Kar Wai

    I have only used it for 1 week and have noticed that my face is now brightened significantly! It is also more moisturised and slightly faded wrinkles. The smell is just right for me too! Loves how the jelly melts but I experienced white soapy residue (but it was quickly absorbed) after massaging the jelly on my face.

  350. Jennifer Tay

    At first I thought jelly means I will get a sticky and uncomfortable feeling but surprisingly not! On the first application I like the fragrance and the gel spreads so easily that my skin feels so refreshed and moistened. The best part is only a small amount is needed to achieve the results. I can feel my skin smoother and very nice to the touch. So even if the product is pricey, it goes a long way. Thank you Astalift!

  351. Jin

    Love the texture!!!

  352. Irene Cheng YL

    Is good to try this on yr facial.super fresh.

  353. Hazel Lee

    Highly recommended I love this product so much !! My skin feel so much smoother and the smell is so good !

  354. Tan Annie

    Love the smell and texture of the product. Non sticky m absorb quickly into the skin. Saw this product in jap last year and tested on my hand before. Best part, a little goes a long way!

  355. Tris

    Nice texture, fast absorbency As a guy I don’t mind using this either.

  356. Michelle Lim

    This is the best jelly I had ever used. The absorption is good and it’s not oily on my face. Highly recommended and my face feel smoother and translucency. Love it!

  357. Ai

    Highly recommended I love this product so much !! My skin feel so much smoother and the smell is so good ! Is good to try this on yr facial.super fresh.

  358. Jesslyn

    Is good to try this on yr facial.super fresh.
    I have only used it for 1 week and have noticed that my face is now brightened significantly! It is also more moisturised and slightly faded wrinkles. Loves how the jelly melts but I experienced white soapy residue (but it was quickly absorbed) after massaging the jelly on my face.

  359. Alexis

    After applying Astalift Jelly Aquarysta, my face feels hydrated and moisturized. It is light and easily absorbed and I like the gel like texture.

  360. Natasha

    Astalift Jelly Aquasta definitely firms, brightens and keeps my skin hydrated. My skin texture is visibly smoother and recovery from chemical peels is faster too. Highly recommend!

  361. Kylie

    Astalift Jelly Aquasta texture is nice and good. Easy to apply. My skin looks firm after applying it. Highly recommend product.

  362. Kylie

    Astalift Jelly Aquasta texture is nice and cool Easy to apply. My skin looks firm after applying it. Highly recommend product.

  363. parulsinghal

    I love Astalift Jelly Aquarysta as the texture is smooth and silky . My skin improves and shines usage. loved it.

  364. parulsinghal

    Astalift Jelly Aquasta definitely firms, brightens and keeps my skin hydrated.

  365. singhal parul

    My face is more moist and smoother after application.nice texture and smell.After Astalift Jelly Aquarysta application my skill feels fresh. Drink also taste good . Like the products

  366. Annette Pua Sock Ping

    I love the texture, very light and spreads easily. Doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. Love the refreshing and cooling sensation on the skin while applying. Skin feels soft and hydrated, really glowy. Even if I didn’t get enough rest, skin still looks fresh. Dry patches around the lip area disappears after I finish the sample product. Love it alot…

  367. Claudia

    I love that it absorbs really quickly on my skin and doesn’t feel too heavy unlike many other products I’ve tried. My skin definitely feels hydrated after using it!

  368. serenechua

    Tried and love the texture.

  369. Levalli

    Light and hydrating!


    High recommendation for this product Jenny Aquarysta, after using very smooth and look so firm .

  371. Bernice

    The Astalift Jelly Aquarysta range is amazing! I love the rose scent and its powerful moisturising effect.

    #BeTrulyYou #AstaliftJelly

  372. Tan liang juin

    The product has a gel like texture. When applied, it is light weight and absorbed fast into skin leaving skin feeling hydrated and not sticky. After using about two weeks skin does look more smooth with more refined pores. Definitely helps to give a more youthful looking skin!

  373. Janice

    This is the first time using Astalift which I gotten as sample from the promotion. It is hydrating and easier absorbed into the skin without being sticky.

  374. Jas

    Super moisturising without leaving any tackiness behind.

  375. Janice

    This is the first time I used Astalift and it is hydrating and easily absorbed by the skin without feeling sticky.

  376. Jasmine Goh

    Skin feels hydrated without any sticky feeling

  377. Vincent Goh

    Tried and love the texture of the jelly

  378. Huixian

    Tried the sample. The jelly is easily absorbed by the skin. It is lightweight and hydrating. Does not feel sticky.

  379. Jassy

    Skin feels light and hydrated.

  380. Carolyn Ang

    I love the jelly as it can be absorbed into my skin easily and the skincare that I applied after it also. Very hydrating too.

  381. Novia

    Love the jelly after my 1st try! Super easy absorbing leaving my skin hydrated.

  382. natsiesg

    Love especially the rose scent and the unique jelly texture. Been using it after cleansing and finds that skin is much more hydrated and clearer. Most of all, it is gentle enough to use it every day on my sensitive skin.

  383. Andrea

    My first time trying Astalift after being introduced by my sister. I have oily skin so I am very particular in my product. After trying just one time, my skin felt different, it is less oily the next morning. Good recommendation!

  384. K.T.

    After trying the Renewal Jelly sample, my skin feels hydrated and supple, pores look more refined too!
    The jelly is easy to spread and it feels like it melts on my skin, absorbs well, non sticky.

  385. Tan T.

    The Astalift Jelly Aquarysta gel is light and easily absorbed by my skin. After applying, my face feels hydrated and moisturized. The scent is light and smells good.

  386. dreamingsoul

    Used this for 2 months and my skin is much brighter, hydrated and bouncy when I wake up! I look forward to applying this every night!

  387. Ana tan

    Love smooth texture and relaxing scent

  388. Aurelia

    Have been using this and my face is brighter and smoother

  389. Stella

    Its so hydrating with non sticky feeling

  390. Lily

    I’ve tried the samples, the product is hydrating and easy
    to absorb to my face, felt smooth and nice smell, good product.

  391. Koh Soo leng

    The product is so easy to absorb and leave my skin hydrated all day .
    The smell is great too !!

  392. Anna Mercier rene

    This serum has a very unique texture and it just reminds me of jelly. I love the texture and how moisturized it is on my skin.

  393. estella

    What amazed me not only it brightens my skin… the jelly texture is so smooth and easily absorbed. The jelly in the container goes back into its original shape. Love the serum.. its a good deal too

  394. Jade

    ive tried the product and it really helps to keep my face fresh and give it some radiant despite wearing mask long hours.

  395. Teng

    The jelly is very hydrating and easily absorbed. Like the texture, is not greasy. Good product to try out.

  396. Shirley leung

    It smells nice and I see different in my skin texture

  397. Shirley Chua

    The Jelly after use skin feel very good!

  398. Jenson Ng

    The Jelly after use skin feel very good!

  399. Ming

    Easily absorbed into skin, hydrating and moisturing skin effective. Nice smell

  400. Charlotte

    Smells good and nice texture

  401. Tiu Soo Ing

    ❤️ jelly AQUARYSTA. It hydrate my skin & feels smooth, nice smell too. Highly recommended.

  402. Chew Ee

    First time use Astalift products. It is smooth and easy absorb. Will continue to use.

  403. Gina Chu

    Astalift Aqua Jelly is soft like jelly, it is not sticky even it feels like jelly, it is not oily and quite easy to apply, I like it so much!!! Must try!!!!

  404. Sziyi

    I can feel my skin becoming more plump and vibrant, even after 2 weeks of usage. Very hydrating and effective against acne. Will definitely look into purchasing more!

  405. Eddrick

    Comfortable to use and hydrating

  406. QiZhong

    Locks in moisture like a miracle worker

  407. Jasmine

    Melts into the skin, leaving no greasy feeling.

  408. D

    Very hydrating, a little goes a long way!

  409. Tan MM

    Feels very light on the skin. I use it everyday but it does not cause breakouts.

  410. Yujun

    Easy application and fast results <3

  411. Ping Hui

    It is not oily at all and does not clog my pores. Makes my skin smoother and more hydrated.

  412. Mui Kiang

    Used it once and I am hooked! Great skin care technology suitable for Asian skin.

  413. Tay Hui Yuh

    Tried it for afew days only and I LOVE IT! Melts into skin super quick and hydrates well. Helps other products absorb into skin better also.

  414. Philip Tan

    Been using Aqua jelly for almost a month. Great product that hydrates my skin well and dries quickly.

  415. TOH YI JUN

    Love the smell and texture! Very fast absorbing and with only the trial set, my pores are significantly smaller!

  416. Susan Yan

    Have been using Aqua jelly for many years. Poven good and many people I met commented that I still look the same as before though I am 60.

  417. Cynthia

    Its an amazing product. Absorb quickly and not heavy

  418. Cynthia

    Its an amazing product

  419. Josephine tan

    Love the smooth texture. Provide all day hydration

  420. Sharon

    The scent is so relaxing. Non stickly feeling. Good for everyday use

  421. Peter T

    Very good. Love it so much. Made my skin feels very refresh. Good for everyday use.

  422. Siong Min

    I like how it is moisturising and the texture is light and not sticky! A bit of it goes a long way:)

  423. Lim Meng Choo

    My skin feels s hydrated after using . The jelly is unlike some moisturizer, that will feel oily after use. The texture is light and is absorbed into the skin almost instantly:)

  424. Lim Meng Choo

    My skin feels suppleafter using . The jelly is unlike some moisturizer, that will feel oily after use, hence u likely to cause milea seeds:)

  425. NPT

    My skin feels great and moisture every morning after using. I have tried using day time as well and my skin doesn’t feel oily throughout the day. I like it that the texture won’t feel oily after applying and my skin absorb the jelly like it craved for it.

  426. Hazel Ng

    Nice smell and unique flavour. I like the texture, it’s jelly-like, easily absorbed into the skin.

  427. Lo Kang Foon

    First time use Astalift products. It is smooth, easy to absorb and hydrating. Felt smooth and nice smell, good product. Thank you for the samples provided. Must try!

  428. Sandra

    Love the smell and how hydrating it is! Product can be absorbed into skin really fast as well which feels good!

  429. Maddy

    Not sticky or oily. Love it

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