Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg
30ml x 3btls


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  • Astalift Pure Collagen Drink 10,000mg
  • Enhancing your beauty with collagen from within your body.
  • Astalift collagen supplements harness the combined power of triple Collagens to ensure optimal supply of Collagen to your body.
  • Low-molecular weight of Marine Collagen ensures effective absorption by your body, aided by two types of Pico-Collagens (Proline and Lysine) necessary for Collagen synthesis.
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Low molecular pure collagen 10,000mg from the inside of the body nurtures the beauty. Clean with the momentum, shining to every day. Small capacity of only 30mL in, compounding a low-molecular weight collagen “pure collagen” 10,000mg of high purity, which was originally developed, the cosmetic ingredients ornithine 400mg of the topics to be included in the freshwater clam. It delivers beautiful in every corner of the body. In addition to Vitamin C, cosmetic ingredients such as ceramide also well-balanced blend, and support for total collagen care.

Key Ingredients

High-purity, Low-molecular collagen,Ornithine, Vitamin C, Ceremide


1) Take 1 bottle a day for 7 days. Best consumed before bedtime.
2) For maintainence, take 1 bottle every 2 days or opt for Pure Collagen Powder 5,000mg.
3) Avoid direct sunlight. Store in cool dry place. Avoid consumption of product if allergic to the ingredients stated.
4) If you are pregnant, lactating or taking medications, please consult a doctor before taking any nutritional products.
5) Do not heat or freeze the product. Consume immediately after opening.


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30ml x 3btls

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