Jelly Brightening Trial Set


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  • White Jelly 5g
  • Moist Foam 12g
  • Bright Lotion 18ml
  • White Essence 5ml
  • Astalift White Emulsion 10ml
  • D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++ 5g
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 White Jelly Aquarysta is formulated with a unique blend of human-type Nano-Ceramides, super anti-oxidants, 3 types of collagen and enhanced with Nano AMA+ and Asenyaku extract, White Jelly Aquarysta improves firmness, moisture levels and radiance by strengthening skin’s barrier function and moisture-retention capabilities while brightening complexion and evening out skin tone.

Key Ingredients
Triple Human-Type Nano-Ceramides , Nano AMA+ ,Nano Astaxanthin ,Tri Functional Collagen , Arbutin ,Uncaria Gambir Ext ,Horse Chestnut Ext, Bilberry Leaf Ext

Moisture Foam This creamy moisture foam contains antioxidants such as Astaxanthin, Lycopene and hydro-soluble collagen leaving your skin luminous, radiant and fresh.

Key Ingredients
Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Collagen, Damask Rose, Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil

Bright Lotion is enhanced with active ingredients Nano AMA, Arbutin and super antioxidant, Astaxanthin, it helps to prevent age-related damage to skin. Containing 3 types of collagen to boost skin firmness and elasticity for a softer and smoother skin

Key Ingredients
Astaxanthin,3 types of collagen,Nano AMA,Arbutin,Seaweed Extract

Astalift White Emulsion  The lightweight whitening formula that easily absorbed into the skin. Keep your skin hydrated from day to night, and experience plump and supple skin.

Key Ingredients
3 kinds of collagen, Nano AMA+, Arbutin, Nano Astaxanthin, evening primrose extract and hyaluronic acid

White Essence Infilt contains high concentrations of Nano AMA, Vitamin C and whitening ingredients which help boost collagen production to prevent skin pigmentation and obtain skin firming benefits.Its profound penetrative activity makes this item one of a kind among most brightening items in the market.It goes down into the most profound, minuscule layers of the skin to repress melanin era and keep age spots from showing up.This profound activity makes it a compelling inhibitor of skin obscuring while keeping up cell sustenance from inside.It likewise enhances skin quality by making it flexible and firm upon utilize.

Key Ingredients
Astaxanthin, Nano AMA, Arbutin.

D-UV Clear White Solution SPF50+ PA++++ High Functional UV-Shielding essence with the highest UV protection in the ASTALIFT brand. Containing a newly-developed UV protection complex “D-UV Guard+” that even blocks the longest wavelength of UVA1. The new “Stretch UV-Shield” formula coats the skin firmly and stretches / contracts according to facial movements, preventing cracks from forming on sunscreen applied to the skin and blocking UV penetration.

Key Ingredients
Astaxanthin, 3 types of collagen, Nano AMA, Citrus extract, UV action capsule



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