D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum SPF 50+ PA++++
| 30g

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Optimum broad-spectrum sunscreen with deep UV protection that prevents skin from experiencing dehydration spiral.

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After applying daily skincare, take adequate amount and spread evenly onto the face & neck area. Recommended to reapply over makeup if necessary.

Recommended Amount to Use:

1cm diameter

18 reviews for D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum SPF 50+ PA++++
| 30g

  1. Zizie

    I’m so amazed by the product! At first, I thought this is just another average sunscreen serum but I was wrong! It does not just provide UV protection for my skin, my foundation goes well on top of it, and somehow makes my makeup last longer. The texture is really light, not heavy at all. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks, there’s no acne caused. Love this, and thanks Astalift!

  2. Huey Min

    Great product! One of my favourite! This sunscreen smooths out skin and gives me a dewy glow after applying. I like the texture as it isn’t thick and greasy at all. It also has a very nice smell. I really enjoy the fact that it comes with 3 functions, it can be used as a sunscreen, serum, and primer. I feel that my makeup stays longer by using it as a primer. It is definitely one of my favorite sunscreens and primers now!

  3. Zoe

    Awesome sunscreen + skincare product! I super love the packaging of this sunscreen as I find it very easy to apply, I do not have to dip my finger into the sunscreen! As it is in a tube so it is so convenient to carry around and apply it whenever I need it! Does not leave any sticky feeling and there is also a mild pleasant smell after applying. Love the packaging and texture!

  4. Steph essiwila

    3-in-1 product that saves me so much time!
    Acts as a serum, sunblock, AND can be used as a primer as well! It smells so good too with a mild floral scent! It has this watery cream consistency, so it’s really easy to spread and apply evenly. It doesn’t make my face feel oily throughout the day despite the hot & humid weather these days. Love this sunscreen so much!

  5. Sien

    Love this serum so much!

    I like the ultra-lightweight and watery texture which makes it easy to spread evenly on my face, it absorbs well and no greasy after-feel or look at all. Skin feels smooth and hydrated too! This being water, sweat, and sebum resistant are great for me as I tend to sweat quite a bit, which doesn’t help in our sunny Singapore. The slim tube design makes it easy to bring it around. Thumbs up for this awesome product.

  6. Shirley

    Best Sunscreen I’ve ever tried! I like the convenient packaging of this sunscreen and easier for me to bring it anywhere where I need to re-apply. The texture of this sunscreen is non-greasy and does not leave any sticky feeling on my face. This sunscreen is a good sunscreen to protect our face from harmful UV rays.

  7. Sally

    It doesn’t leave any thick or greasy feeling after applied to my skin! I like that it hydrates my skin and it acts as a primer so that it can enhance my makeup which I likeeeeee so that I can take nice and lovely photos all the time! It doesn’t leave any thick or greasy feeling on my face after application as well and that the packaging is so pretty and easy to carry around.

  8. Jess

    Best Sunscreen I’ve Ever Tried!
    The Aqua Day Serum packaging is so cute and convenient to carry around. I really like this sunscreen as it provides protection guards for my skin from UV rays. It comes with SPF50+ PA++++ which is more than enough for daily use. The coolest part of the product is its cap that can detect UV rays and turns purple which is so useful as a reminder to apply sunscreen 🙂 Besides, it’s not oily at all on the skin instead it feels so hydrated. I love the texture as it does not create a pale look on the skin after applied. Thanks to Astalift!

  9. Rebecca

    This is one of my must-haves to bring on the go! I love the faint floral-like smell when I am applying it to my face, the scent of it just puts me in a calm and relaxing mood! The cap of the product is really cool, it turns into purple colour whenever there is UV sunlight. It helps to remind me to reapply my sunscreen every few hours! Gonna ensure this is one of my must-haves to bring on the go, even if it is just a short journey to the mall nearby. Say no to sun damage !

  10. Jane

    Perfect Sunblock, Serum, and Primer for everyday use! The Astalift D-UV Clear Day Serum has SPF50+ PA++++ and D-UV Guard that blocks deep UV rays. As you know, the sun has deep UV rays that penetrate deep into the skin, and this would cause some serious skin damage. Using sun protection that targets this concern is the best way to protect your skin. The day serum is ultra-lightweight, and water, sweat, and sebum resistant. Definitely good for any kind of activities (water, sports, etc) I am using it as a daily primer, it looks dewy, smooth, and liquid when applied. The day serum has a light scent and keeps my face hydrated too! Plus, the refreshing texture is perfect to jumpstart your day.

  11. Issabelle

    It is such a great sunscreen and skincare product! The Astalift D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum comes with SPF 50+ PA++++ which provides my skin the highest protection from harmful UV rays. The texture is very light and does not cause any tacky or uncomfortable feeling after application. My skin feels hydrated and I can see my makeup lasts longer than before. I really recommend this product to anyone with oily skin.

  12. Dawn

    Just Another Great Skincare from Astalift ! I use this day serum daily ever since I got this product. I love it! It doesn’t cause acne or breakouts and my makeup goes very well over it as it is a great base for my foundation and blush. It also helps my makeup stay on longer. This product is absorbed quickly and never feels heavy or sticky; in fact, my skin feels moisturised. A relatively expensive product but definitely worth getting it.

  13. Connie

    Best UV Skincare I Ever Used ! Not a fan of sunscreen but this product changed my skincare regime now. It has the consistency that helps my makeup remain smooth for the longest time I ever – from morning to evening – thanks to its breakthrough formula which helps prevent cracks from forming on the skin which is one of the reasons I don’t use sunscreen! For those of you who hate putting sunscreen ( due to its heavy texture and sitting uncomfortably on your skin ), this magic UV care product is a 3-in-1 that serves as a primer, moisturiser, and sunblock!

  14. Caldrea

    It’s effective; my skin absorbed it fast since it’s very lightweight as well. I love the sweet scent it carries. It is brown in colour when I squeeze it out freshly from the tube. However, after I spread it evenly on my face, it became colourless. (Cool right!) It’s effective; my skin absorbed it fast since it’s very lightweight as well. It’s very portable (can be easily be brought out). Furthermore, it also helps keep my skin hydrated and supple throughout the day! Most importantly, it’s water, sweat, and sebum resistant. It also acts as a primer and a sunblock!

  15. Dawn Sim

    Love that this actually hydrates my skin and gives such good added protection with a formula that stretches and contracts to accommodate my facial expression. I love using it as a makeup primer!

  16. Shirley Ong

    I like this D-UV Clear Aqua Day Serum SPF 50+ PA++++ product which can protect our skin from harmful UV rays. The packaging is lightweight to nout in our bag and I like the non-greasy texture when I apply this sunblock on my face.

  17. P Foo

    Wow! Product feels amazing on my skin, looks incredibly dewy & the best of all… so light & natural! Was never diligent with sunscreen, but with this I actually look forward to applying everyday

  18. Yvonne C

    Very impressed Fujifilm technology to do this reinstall the moisturizer function when apply this UV aqua serum . highly recommends

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