Jelly Aquarysta 60 Duo Set

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1 x Jelly Aquarysta  60g 

1 x Jelly Aquarysta 60 Refill

Jelly Aquarysta contains a powerful combination of unique ingredients to deeply treat and nourish the skin at a cellular level. Key ingredients include human-type nano-ceramides, nano-Astaxanthin, nano-Lycopene, Asenyaku extract and 3 types of collagen to boost cell renewal and collagen production.

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How to use?
Use on a clean dry face after cleansing but before applying lotion/toner. Take an adequate amount with a spatula & spread evenly onto the face and neck area.
Key Benefits
Increases skin’s natural protective ability & moisture-retention capacity. Rebalances skin’s water & oil levels. Boosts skin’s moisture levels, firmness & elasticity.
Key Ingredients
• Nano-Astaxanthin • Nano-Lycopene • Tri-Functional Collagen • Uncaria Gambir Ext • Triple Human-Type Nano-Ceramides
Recommended for
All skin types with anti-aging, dryness & sensitivity concerns.
What is this
Leave-on skin conditioning serum that strengthens skin defense, repairs barrier function & improves absorption of nutrients.