Brightening Lotion Bundle

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White Drink 10 bottles

Prevent early signs of aging Dull, pigmented & sun-damaged skin Improve overall skin radiant and suppleness Brightening and lightening of skin pigmentation Benefits : Protect cells from UV damage & free radicals Strengthens skin's barrier function Promotes skin from healing and hydration Relieves constipation Whitens, brightens & even out skin complexion

Bright Lotion 130ml

Enhanced with active ingredients Nano AMA, Arbutin and super antioxidant, Astaxanthin, it helps to prevent age-related damage to skin. Containing 3 types of collagen to boost skin firmness and elasticity for softer and smoother skin.

Clear Treatment 100ml

Remove pollutant and dead cells for bright healthier skin. Contains Crown Sugar, NANO AMA+, super anti-oxidant ingredients "ASTAXANTHIN" and 3 types of collagen. Catches pollutant on the skin surface and block collagen darkening & melanin production at the same time.

After facial wash, apply essence onto WHITE COTTON PAD, then swipe on face and neck gently. It calms and soothes the skin and helps promote a clear, bright complexion without dullness.

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