Brightening Day Care Bundle

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1 x The Serum Brightening 40g

1 x Whiteshield Drink 10 btl

3 x Mini DUV Clear White Solutions 5g

3 x Mini DUV Clear Aqua Serum 5g

1 x The Serum Brightening

Uniquely formulated with liposome and nanotechnology, this refreshing serum delivers beneficial anti-inflammatory and spot-lightening ingredients optimally to the skin as a preventive care against hyperpigmentation as well as to effectively brighten the complexion and to promote smoother and more translucent skin.  

1 x Whiteshield Drink 10 btl

Prevent early signs of aging Dull, pigmented & sun-damaged skin Improve overall skin radiant and suppleness Brightening and lightening of skin pigmentation Benefits: Protect cells from UV damage & free radicals Strengthens skin's barrier function Promotes skin from healing and hydration Relieves constipation Whitens, brightens & even out skin complexion

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