95-Min Multi-Modal Accelerated Skin Rejuvenation Facial

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Recommended for skin desiring visible skin rejuvenation, enhanced radiance, wrinkle reduction and pore refinement. This multi-modal therapy combines the deeply-relaxing Specialized AMS Facial with innovative technology utilizing controlled light and heat energy to produce photo-thermal and photo-chemical effects, encouraging the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres to effectively restore skin firmness and elasticity. 


Before starting your treatment, have your skin condition accurately diagnosed with a digital analyser before confirming it with a physical examination after your face has been bubble-cleansed. Experience deep pore cleansing and skin rejuvenation through the synergistic use of Japanese nanotechnology with an advanced low frequency Aqua Micro-jet System (AMS) that delivers powerful jets of fine mist and controlled suction to loosen clogs, cleanse pores, and exfoliate dull layers of dead skin to uncover a fresh healthy looking skin.


Receive a relaxing face and shoulder massage to prep your skin for the Accelerated Skin Rejuvenation treatment where controlled light and heat energy penetrates deep within skin tissues to produce photo-thermal and photo-chemical effects.


Utilizing the proven science of Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) and Rapid Pulse Technology (RPT), the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres within your skin is effectively encouraged.  Your skin is kept comfortably cool and protected throughout by the hyper-cooled crystal tip of the handpiece.


Get pampered next with a complimentary Mini-Service of your choice: Relaxing Scalp Massage, Calming Cryotherapy or Pampering Eye Therapy! Enjoy your Specialized Mask with delivery of EMS+ Technology which combines EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation), EP (Electroporation), light RF (radio frequency) and LED therapy to achieve beneficial contouring effects with enhanced product penetration for safe, gentle, and effective natural collagen stimulation and rejuvenation of your skin.


End your facial with a final touch of scalp massage to calm your senses and re-energise your overworked body. Lastly, your skin is kept protected with an application of selected ASTALIFT skincare products to keep you looking fresh and energised.

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Key Benefits
• Anti-Aging • Anti-Wrinkle • Collagen Boosting • Complexion Brightening • Firming & Lifting • Nanotechnology Delivery • Non-Invasive • Pore Refinement
Recommended for
• Dull complexion • Tired looking skin • Weakened skin with poor elasticity